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Kumano Kodo Koguchi to Nachi Taisha and then back to Kawayu Onsen (Kansai)

I wake early ready to walk. After packing my gear I follow the map to the start of the next section of trail. It’s on the other side of the village and unsigned on the road: you need the map just to connect the sections between villages because they are each treated as a discrete hike with its own trailhead. 1,123 more words


Kumano Kodo Hongu Taisha to Koguchi (Kansai)

It stormed last night and I wake early to find the world awash with water. Everything is wet and soggy. Not inside my tent; just in the world outside. 2,143 more words


Another preview - Another adventure

As I was telling my friend Chris over at Milford Street, yesterday I went on a new adventure which took me seriously out into the woods.  91 more words


How To Climb A Boulder

Today, on a very eventful hike through Presque Isle, I saw a very nice sized boulder and thought to myself “I can totally climb on top of that.” So in dedication to this proud moment in my life, I have decided to share with all of you, the process of climbing a huge ass rock. 304 more words


Day 5 & 6

Was a lot of work at Mt Laguna. Didn’t feel like I rested at all. Had to hand wash laundry (SO dirty!!) and call people, call REI and order another pair of Cascadias to get to Julian, buy more food, fill up water, pop blisters and bandage feet. 260 more words


Getting wet...

First day in Bariloche has been mostly raining. However staying at a hostel has been a lot more friendly than staying in a hotel. I came down to breakfast and instead of many seperate small tables there are a couple of long bench style tables which made it a lot easier to strike up conversations with people. 287 more words

Concern grows over the future of hiking on Oahu

On Friday afternoon, a 27-year-old female hiker died after falling 500 feet off the Makapuu Tom Tom Trail in East Oahu.

The tragic accident is just one of many search and rescue attempts firefighters have responded to this year alone. 373 more words