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Wells Gray Provincial ParK | Canoeing Murtle Lake: Pt. 2

Song in Headphones:

A Prologue |

My arms were on fire. I was so exhausted it was to a point I wasn’t even looking up. My arms were moving in this repetitive motion, I was unconscious of my other surroundings.

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Best of the Midwest: Devil's Den State Park

Devil’s Den State Park is very similar to Natural Falls State Park except that there are many more hiking trails and they are much longer. My favorite time to visit Devil’s Den is during the Fall when all the leaves are changing because the Ozarks are simply stunning during that time of year. 262 more words


What's Your Favourite Item of Equipment for a Hike? South Tyrol Walking [SPONSORED GIVEAWAY]

One of the joys of hiking or walking is the simplicity. Open the front door and leave. It can be as simple as that.

Although I’m laid low for a few weeks thanks to a minor back injury, I’m itching to get out and explore the world again, especially in the sunny weather that London has been having recently. 240 more words


Photos from 04-18-15 - Peach Hill Park/Vassar Farm

Warmer weather means more birds and longer hikes!  I spent a considerable amount of time at Peach Hill Park and Vassar Farm on this day, and it was a terrific day. 158 more words


Staying Busy

It’s finally starting to feel like summertime here in Yellowstone, or as I call it in Texas, “springtime.” Temperatures have made it to the mid-70s, occasionally hitting 80 on a good day, and the rain has become less regular. 638 more words

Marvine, Pine Isle, Oyster Lake Loop - Flat Tops Wilderness

The wave of summer heat settles in, but the lingering snow in the high alpine is enough to continue to stay low for the time being. 885 more words