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Popcorn Turtleneck


I have what some might consider an unhealthy addiction to turtlenecks. I’m thrilled that rash guards have come back, because now I can wear my obsession through the summer season. 311 more words


Worth of your time- Episode 1





Honestly, get them while you can. Paying $5.00 for shipping won’t hurt you that bad.

Art print by Bohemian Gypsy Jane

Weekend Adventure

Flannels and Sweaters

If you ever need to look a little more preppy or add more color to a simple outfit, this is the way to go. I paired a simple button down chambray shirt with an Autumn Cashmere sweater on the top and my Lululemon leggings to make it comfy. 61 more words


My Love for layers shows in my current look post. I just love how layers make an outfit feel and seem more extravagant that it really is. 60 more words


Recently Mondays have become a off day for me. Which has been absolute bliss as my Husband gets Mondays off and we get to do what we want. 99 more words

25 Days of Christmas Countdown #11

Coming in at #11 on my Countdown to Christmas list is a gift pick for… ME! I’ve had my eye on these kicks for a while now, and I think it’s time someone buy them for me :). 46 more words