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GRADUATION is the best feeling!

I’ll just have a quick blog about this. Because I’m just really happy and proud that me and my sisters are almost done! Whew! Big relief for Mom and Dad then. 329 more words


When Is It About Me?

Its time that we started dreaming. Its time that we started having hope. Its time that we say “no” without having to explain ourselves. Its time that we started believing in ourselves. 89 more words

finding love and winning slams

So today was interesting the King Royals won semi finals with the highest score in all of York region – cue applause – so proud of my team ! 262 more words

High School Drama Queen

So hi, I do not know why exactly i chose to make this blog, and it will probably turn out as a blog where a teenage girl vents about her high school struggles and heart breaks and so on, but that’s gonna help me I guess. 508 more words


swim meet

because i play waterpolo, it is mandatory that i do swim team in the spring, which wouldn’t be my first choice because i really don’t like swimming all that much, but it helps to get you in really good shape so thats a plus. 190 more words

Santa Barbara


She used to breeze in the corridors, looking down on everyone and everything

She knew she was a beauty of the ages, she had absolutely no modesty about it… 96 more words