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Chinese take over Frieda River mine

PanAust Agrees to A$1.2 Billion Bid From Guangdong Rising Assets Management

Move will see ownership of several copper and gold deposits in Asia move into Chinese hands… 544 more words

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PanAust gives the usual empty promises over the environment

We have heard these empty promises so many times before – from the likes of BHP (Ok Tedi), Rio Tinto (Panguna) and Barrick Gold (Porgera) – but still the government and bureaucrats are happy to believe the miners as if the previous disasters never happened… 285 more words

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Proper waste disposal needed for Frieda mine

“An investor will want to take all that money back at all costs even including human costs and a polluted Sepik River.”

The National aka The Loggers Times  286 more words

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Foreign investors double their money on the back of PNG minerals - but nothing for landowners or government revenues

Why is PNG and its people always the last to benefit from its own resources?

Could it be because we are blindly following a model of development that is being imposed from outside by those who take all the profits? 379 more words

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Chinese increase stake in Frieda river mine ahead of takeover bid

Chinese build PanAust stake

Barry FitzGerald | The Australian

Low expectations of a rival bid emerging have allowed Chinese state-owned Guangdong Rising Assets Management (GRAM) to ramp up its stake in its $1.1 billion takeover target PanAust at its bid price of $1.71 a share. 411 more words

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Barrick Gold facing multi-billion dollar claim by PNG landowners

PR Wire

Justice Foundation for Porgera (JFP), an entity which represents landowners in the Porgera region in north-western Papua New Guinea, has submitted a position statement to Barrick Gold and its subsidiary Barrick Niugini outlining irreparable losses as a result of social, economic and environmental damages caused by its Porgera gold mine. 405 more words

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Alcohol ban around Ramu mine

Combatting law, order problems around mine site

The National aka The Loggers Times 

ALCOHOL shop owners within the special mining lease (SML) and nearby communities of the Ramu nickel mine at Kurumbukari, Madang, will not have their licenses renewed. 309 more words

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