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To Thine Own Self Be True

Late night insomniac whisper. This might sound like I’m up on my soapbox but actually I’m sitting beside you on a sofa confiding. Here goes, on the down low: The culture around us is screaming every minute of every day “be your self, express your self, don’t worry about what others think, be true to your own inner vision. 276 more words

What Was I Thinking?

We all have times in our lives where we get caught up in people/situations/ideas and then wonder after: what was I thinking?

The most illustrative example would be losing yourself in a romantic relationship and then not being interested in that person after a period of time. 493 more words

Clairvoyant Readings

The way you love you, is the love you show others

Your journey is not supposed to be someone else’s journey. You can’t judge how far you’ve gotten off how far someone else has. We are each our own person with our own struggles and paths in life. 363 more words