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Meditation Games. Have Fun With Your Friends!

Hi Everyone! I just uploaded another video on my YouTube Channel. This one shows you a couple of games you can play with your friends! 82 more words

Personal Growth

Directions for a Happy Easy Flowing Life

As humans, I think we have a tendency to over think things.

We are so smart, we seem to outsmart ourselves.

We spend endless amounts of time pondering rather than feeling our way through things and actually acting on those feelings. 217 more words


Enlighten Me

Our subconscious works by creating programs. We use these programs, installed since childhood, to learn how to react to our environment. As life goes on, we continue programming our subconsciousness by building layer upon layer of more and more subroutines guiding our conscious actions. 875 more words

Group connection

I wasn’t alone last night. My ego fears were as I expected and the evening turned out as it was meant to. People connecting, discovering shared experiences, finding moments of flow. 96 more words

Spiritual Work

One on One Intuitive Classes

Have you ever wanted to tap into your intuitive self? All of us have the capability to be our own psychic; it’s just learning how to utilize the power within. 110 more words


Free the Mind

We spend most of our lives being conditioned. It’s everywhere. We are conditioned by our families, friends, schools, governments, religions, even social media! Seems like everybody has some idea for you on how you should think. 903 more words