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Earthquakes: Inner and Outer

EARTHQUAKE: Inner and Outer

We are undergoing a profound and extended period of transition on our living planet. As such, the activity of our planet acts as a catalyst for change within, as much as the advent of potent cosmic energies as they pass through us and the planet beneath our feet. 916 more words

Higher Self

Higher Self Guided Self-Healing with Spiritual Heart Energy

A very direct meditation to connect to your source, fill your being using this source and expand your energetic field.  – Jamil

Making Friends with Myself. ~ Shari Sachs

I know you all have them – the Voices inside your head.

A cacophony of Voices, that tell you,

“you can’t, you’re no good, who would want you anyway, you’re too fat/thin/ugly/stupid…ect…ect…” 991 more words

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The Power Of Silence

Reposted from: Wake Up World | by Steve Taylor Ph.D

Modern humans have lost touch with their inner ‘true self’. Silence and stillness are a means to recovering happiness and contentment. 2,570 more words


Ask for Signs

The afternoon sun warmed my skin through the vertical blinds. I blinked my eyes, as they burned, and buried my head in the pillow. I was still in bed. 974 more words

Higher Self

How I recognize the voice of my Inner-Being/the Universe

If the thoughts going through my head make me feel worried, sad, heavy, tensed in my body…This is just fear talking. Bogus and unhelpful thoughts. No matter how “logical” those thoughts may seem, the emotional and physical response that I am experiencing are a clear indication that lets me know  that I am looking away from the path that the Universe has for me. 455 more words