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The Light Sanctuary

Visit the new sister site of Emotional Wellness, The Light Sanctuary- a website dedicated to spirituality.

Spirituality and working with energy have helped me so much to manage my Bipolar symptoms and high sensitivity that I wanted to dedicate a completely new blog to the topic.

Bipolar Disorder

5 Things on High Sensitivity #3

Some interesting reading material/experiences related to high sensitivity this week:

1.  Elaine Aron gave an interview to Lynn Stuart Parramore some time last year but I was made aware of it this week via Ane Axford.   937 more words

Highly Sensitive People

Playing make believe manifests things more quickly

How children play is a true inspiration. We, grown-ups, should play more. Many people I speak who are in their forties or in their fifties feel either like a 16-year old or a 25-something. 298 more words


How To Go The Mall Without Leaving Overstimulated

1.  Somehow become sensory-impaired.  For example, you break your only pair of glasses leaving you extremely nearsighted and nearly blind.

2.  As a result you’re now unable to notice, be aware of, or sensitive to the stimuli or details you normally pay attention to like people’s faces. 101 more words

Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive Persons as targets

I am a highly sensitive person. Chances are likely, that you may be, too. Highly sensitive persons (HSPs) can be targeted in bullying/mobbing/gang stalking because we’re different. 210 more words


5 Things on High Sensitivity #2

1.  How has the holiday season been for you?  You may have noticed from the posts of the last few weeks that I have been cranky.   1,492 more words

How I feel when I feel rejected

Family gatherings and office situations are the main areas in life where I have to deal with the kind of people I find most difficult, and as Christmas is approaching, I am trying to mentally prepare for this. 907 more words