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Had a tough time deciding with my mates the topic. Wanted to do something different but datasets are hard to come by. As most practicing analytics folks know, analytics is 80% data prep and 20% actual analytics. 37 more words

El bosón de Higgs: ¿Qué es? ¿Cómo se come? Sé que lo he escuchado antes…

Si no has escuchado del bosón de Higgs hay dos opciones, o has estado viviendo debajo de una roca los últimos años, o simplemente lo escuchaste mas no entendiste; y no eres el único, ya que estos conceptos pueden ser un tanto difíciles, sin embargo, te explicaremos un poco para mejorar el panorama. 508 more words

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New CMS Search for a Beyond the Standard Model Higgs

The CMS collaboration posted a preprint for a search for a beyond the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying into pairs of intermediate vector bosons (Ws and Zs). 168 more words


Science - Large Hadron Collider Returns

In science news, the Large Hadron Collider is back online and will start ramping up to continue science experiments, including more work detecting the Higgs Boson, dark matter, and anti-matter. 80 more words


The LHC restarts -- in a manner of speaking --

As many of you will have already read, the Large Hadron Collider , located at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, has “restarted”. Well, a restart of such a machine, after two years of upgrades, is not a simple matter, and perhaps we should say that the LHC has “begun to restart”. 1,004 more words

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