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New Combined ATLAS/CMS Higgs Mass Result

The ATLAS and CMS collaborations have finally released a joint result on their Higgs analyses. The paper uses the two channels where the final state invariant mass is most easily calculated and where backgrounds are expected to be small (Higgs to two gammas or Higgs to four charged leptons). 165 more words


The Particle at the End of the Universe

The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the Edge of a New World
by Sean Carroll… 660 more words

Book Review

Basic Block Versioning - Published At Last!

Over a month ago, I received reviews for the basic block versioning paper I submitted to ECOOP 2015. The reviews were again mixed, ranging from great to terrible. 322 more words


"Mongongo Drupe Live!

My pleasure to announce that my story: “Mongongo Drupe” that offers a glimpse of some of what happened on a much-needed weekend in Chicago has been published this week!

156 more words
Fairy Tale

Susy is expecting more swinging dreams...

South-Western Germany. Perfect location to reach Geneva. And Geneva, with CERN, in 2015 is basically physicists’ Mecca.

Although I am not a particle physicist, when I finished my high school in humanities, my love for neutrinos was the reason to start this new adventure in the world of science. 1,563 more words


"A Letter to Mr. Higgs" - revision

Just wanted to announce, that a revision of “A Letter to Mr. Higgs: (Once Upon a Sky-Blue Tine”), a fairy tale about sex after sixty, poetry, and salvation.   310 more words

Fairy Tale

Higgs Boson, Undiluted

Last modified: 2015/3/16

I’m going to assume you know some basic stuff about the Higgs boson, from all the various Youtube videos, new articles, and so forth. 544 more words