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Exploring Cern: There is no such thing as "the god particle" (includes resources and poem)

Many people have been conCERNed ;), about Cern re-opening the large hadron collider in March. Because Cern is a system that doesn’t understand that the concept of divinity can’t be reduced to a particle in this universe (because it is against the laws of Prime Creator), it’s not going to kill us. 234 more words

A Massive Mystery

Quantum Mechanics describes particles as vibrations in time and space. The intensity of the vibration in time (i.e. – when it is) reflects the particle’s energy; the intensity of the vibration in space (i.e. 1,522 more words


The God Particle Discovered? Maybe not.

I haven’t finished writing my post on experimental design, but a discussion I’m engaged in elsewhere reminded me of a particularly dramatic example of the divide between scientific reporting and actual scientific research. 316 more words