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The GOD Particle : Higgs Boson!

The most exciting scientific observation of 2012 was a discovery of a new particle Higgs Boson at the CERN laboratory, Geneva, Switzerland. A particle was named after physicist… 583 more words


ATLAS Measures the Higgs Spin and Parity

ATLAS has a fairly new result out measuring the properties of the Higgs boson using leptonic and diphoton final states. In particular, they compare the expected results for a Standard Model JP = 0+ Higgs to several alternative models.   118 more words


Typed Shapes Paper Submitted

I haven’t written much about my progress on Higgs recently. This is because I’ve been busy writing and submitting conference papers. My ECOOP paper about basic block versioning… 222 more words


It is Fields, not particles ....

And what if there are no particles at all but only fields and what we perceive as a particle is nothing else but a disturbance of that field, which exists in every point the the space like an ocean with the universe submerged in it. 434 more words

Science Of Jotinar

Francois Englert and Peter Higgs

Colloquium on the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs

Philip D. Mannheim

In 2013 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs for their development in 1964 of the mass generation mechanism (the Higgs mechanism) in local gauge theories. 57 more words

High Energy Physics

What’s in a title?

The title of my second book, “Seeking God at the Idol Meat BBQ’ actually had a lot to say. It said in no uncertain terms that the quest to put meaning into the concept of God would ignore the teaching of the New Testament apostle Paul. 586 more words

Throttle Up

Your thoughts create your reality. What you speak into existence is what you manifest. And with one simple trick, we can push this ability into overdrive! 843 more words