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Wisdom? Bleep That!

Wisdom: “the ability to judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.” That’s the first definition from the online American Heritage Dictionary. 

The Indo-European root of the word “wisdom” is  847 more words


from Travels With Herodotus by Ryszard Kapuscinski: the cause of war

Of course, the map of the world which Herodotus has before him, or which he imagines, differs from the one confronting us today. His world is much smaller than ours. 327 more words


Talent Applied Consistently Is Never Wasted

The following parable is found in Aulus Gellius (XVI.19), who himself takes it from Herodotus (I.23).  It reminds us that effort and talent, if applied consistently, will eventually reap rewards. 645 more words

What is History?

History comes from the Greek word “Historia” meaning “Knowledge got from enquiry or investigation“.

We can thank the Greeks for many inventions and ideas they have given us as many of them are responsible for the foundation of our understanding today! 329 more words

Work Of The Historian

The Results in My Life!

I have in my past blogs been trying to point out how biblical counseling (bible based advice without psychology in it.) needs to specifically use accurate science and history outside of psychology to clarify or enhance the specific bible based advice that is largely the pastor’s responsibility. 969 more words

The Big Bang

The Vanquished Boeotians: Little Piggies or Stubborn Trees?

The Athenians defeated the Boeotians in 507 BCE after over a decade of an alliance with the Plataeans (also Boeotians). This was the beginning of over a century of trouble between the two cities, marked by Theban submission to Persia in 479 BCE. 211 more words


Summer Reading .... Gore Vidal and ........ Herodotus?

Like all bibliophiles I suffer from the happy problem of WHAT BOOK OF THE HUNDREDS THAT I HAVE DO I READ NEXT?  Being a good ENTJ personality type, I like to do this in a planned, orderly way.   646 more words

Gore Vidal