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Travels in the Wild North: The Fragments of Aristeas

Many authors from the ancient world—including Pausanias, Strabo, Pliny, Longinus and Herodotus–have left testimony of a seventh century BCE epic poet named Aristeas who came from Asia Minor and composed a poem, Arimaspea, of his travels in the wilds of the North. 206 more words


Historian Xu Songyan (徐松岩) on Herodotus' concept of "historia"

希罗多德 Historia 诸问题刍议




关 键 词】希罗多德/希腊人/异族人/评价



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Academic Analysis

I am bound to tell what I am told, but not in every case to believe it. – Herodotus

He's So Naughty, Our Tyrant!

Here’s a pleasantly comedic surprise, courtesy of the ancients, or at least of Herodotus’ version of their story: One day, Croesus, that cautious ruler, decided he’d better get the advice of a dependable oracle before he set out to invade Persia– but he wanted to be sure that his diviners were the real deal. 328 more words

Practice 18

This is the beginning of a tricky part of the way of the bodhisattva: humility.

We do not react with anger or vengeance, and we do not become depressed when we are rejected and insulted by others; not even when we are sick or in pain. 34 more words


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The biggest delusion human beings suffer from is that of control. I fight with myself constantly because of it because I am in something of a state of limbo: my heart knows that I have no control over my circumstances, but my mind hasn't yet caught up because fighting for control is a much older habit. I summed it up this way when I was first reading the practices: '"Circumstances rule men, men do not rule circumstances." Let me, therefore, put my heart into the miracle of compassion for men, rather than the illusion of control over circumstances.'

Stranger, tell the people of Lacadaemon that we who lie here obeyed their commands.

“Stranger, tell the people of Lacadaemon that we who lie here obeyed their commands.”
– Herodotus, ‘Histories’, Book 7.228, tr. Robin Waterfield

Numbers can be interesting. 270 more words

Chapter 1. Philosophy At Pierce College, 2009-2012

The Histories

The Histories by Herodotus, translated by Aubrey de Sélincourt, 3/5

At its best, this fifth-century B.C. account of cultures and conflicts in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean tells epically ferocious tales of questionable veracity. 53 more words

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