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Sometimes authors, like Tolkien, use a vast amount of descriptive language, while a writer like C.S. Lewis is sparse with detail, and more is left up to the. 351 more words

Harry Potter Questionnaire

Since we did a Tolkien Questionnaire, it was totally clear that we needed to do a Harry Potter one! Because we love Harry Potter and we are still waiting for our letter from Hogwarts *pretty please?*. 633 more words


Harry Potter Miscellaneous Facts

Yesterday I was reading a Harry Potter post by Jonathan and Aaron from Husband&Husband. And every time I come across anything HP related it gets me super excited. 936 more words

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Forgiven Ones Ch 13 - Black Blooded Part 2

Chapter Summ: They are not heroes. They are not better than the villains they stop. The Forgiven cross a line they weren’t meant to, and their lives will never be the same. 2,076 more words

Light Novel

Honoring the Heroine: Hermione Granger

Sorry for the delay. It happened only partly because of my desire to make the article as good as possible. I actually got hit really, really hard with some sort of flue, which put me out of commission for a week, which in turn forced me to catch up fast before the two week vacation I had planned. 2,983 more words

Honoring The Heroines

A Father of Daughters

I am a father of daughters and I would have no trouble believing that my daughters are time travelers. They have defied the slow passage of time and slipped into their teenage years without me noticing. 1,206 more words


Harry Potter and the Forgiven Ones Ch 12 - Black Blooded Part 1

Chapter Summ: The Forgiven must save Kingsley and the Longbottoms from Death Eaters. As they do so, they cross a line they never intended to cross, and a part of them will change forever. 3,141 more words

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