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Qutub Minar ~ Delhi 2011 (Pencil)

Qutub Minar:
In 2011, two dear friends of mine and I went sight seeing in Delhi (something that I had been wanting do for a long time). 142 more words


Scientific Heritage and WW2 Legacy - A Visit to RAF Stenigot

The old RAF Stenigot base is set high up in the Lincolnshire Wolds and is a site I had been meaning to visit for a long time. 343 more words


The Human-Machines of Kolkata

Today the modern Kolkattan can stand on Park Street holding his phablet in one hand, look for a free wifi hotspot around him, get a cab at the tap of a screen on his latest mobile app, while updating his days’ activity on Facebook. 748 more words


Student Visit to Stonhenge

Thirty-seven students and three staff visited the prehistoric sites of Avebury and Stonehenge, both in Wiltshire. The aims of this Activity Week event were to explore the past use of these ‘ritual’ monuments in their landscapes and how they have been appropriated in the present by the ‘New Age’ and ‘Heritage’ cults. 264 more words


Pleasant Chimes from the 1960s and A Great Moment from Today

Radio Ceylon Music from the 1960s AND Kumar Sangakkara receiving an Award at the Fifth Asian Awards

SEE this link: http://worldtv.com/sunday_choice_tv/ …. From Radio Ceylon of the ’60s, a compilation from Sunday Choice … recomposed as a video production; …. 381 more words

Sri Lankan Society

The Language of Reason

by Katerina Strani

A café. Once a dedicated space where people gathered to discuss culture and politics. A space of arguing, debating, learning. A space where public opinion was formed and authority was challenged, contested, or at least influenced.  847 more words


A Tribute to Sinan the Architect

Sinan the Architect, or Mimar Sinan as we call him in Turkish, was the chief architect of the Ottoman Empire responsible for the construction of over 300 major structures. 138 more words