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Legacy is defined by one source as something inherited from a predecessor; a heritage, and we are all aware of the incumbents desire to create his legacy by destroying the United States one arrogant step at a time. 49 more words

Sometimes it Really is just a Southern Thing, It's Time You Understand.

“I was born and raised in the south and proud of it.” 

You’ve all heard that line a million times but do you REALLY know what that statement means?   1,495 more words


What Happened To Medieval Battlefields After the Fighting Was Over?

It looks much like you’d expect: there was a lot of opportunistic looting after a battle. Sometimes, if the armour was old or broken, and the victorious army didn’t want to lug it home to recycle the materials, it might be left on the bodies. 564 more words



Since the Fourth and the Fifth of July are coming up this weekend, I wanted to touch up on one part about embracing who you are, and that is embracing your heritage. 469 more words


Mystery Solved

The photo appearing last week, January 1933 Station between Newcastle and Sydney was taken near Brooklyn railway station & it is not far at all . 92 more words


What's Changed? ==>> Not Ted Cruz!

Remember when Ted Cruz shook up the Establishment Progressives when he ran for the Senate in Texas?

And remember when, in February 2013 Heritage Action posted this? 208 more words


Sea Gypsy

skin were
like a morning

that rose
in the sky,

shape eye,
dark with the dusk,

round ,
shape face
got a timid lips, 37 more words

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