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Our market pizza

We have been making our new flat bread / pizza dough in house. We are using the traditional method of the San Francisco sourdough starter for all of our house made breads. 20 more words


Minty Magic

I have often been asked what my favourite essential oil is, and it’s always hard to answer. The reason why is because there are many favourites – for different reasons – some oils I love particularly for their energetic effects and others are more practical in use. 246 more words


Spice of Life

It’s Friday night and I’m organizing my herb and salt cabinet. Don’t pity me, I’m having a lovely thyme.

  • the brick-red of smoked Paprika
  • The sunny yellow of Hot Curry that stained my fingertips today as I filled tins…
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get a jar with lid so tight
capture the magick on a full moon night
think real hard on your desire
let it burn as fierce as fire…
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Magickal Arts

Anise ( Pimpinella Anisum)

In Biblical times, Anise was so highly prized that it was often used for tithes, offerings and payment of taxes in Palestine. Romans served it to avoid indigestion and flatulence. 395 more words