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Happy Birthday Jared Gilmore! Here Are 10 Of My Favorite Henry Moments!

Jared Gilmore is fifteen today, and he takes a lot of guff on the show (how many times have we saved him now?). Honestly, though – you try going through puberty in front of millions of viewers every week, all while being dragged around by the current villain. 282 more words

Just Bananas About: Week of 5/29/15

Running Man has been having a rough couple of months with games that have gone stale and what seems like the same cycle of guests.  However, I’ve been loving the last few episode because it seems like the games have been given a revamp and the guests have been funny.  1,073 more words


You (Chapter 8)

Title : You

Author : Hyull

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Main Cast : Sehun Exo, Kai Exo, Yoona SNSD

Other Cast : Yuri SNSD, Kris, Henry, Amber… 3,979 more words


30 November 2013 ♥ [SUPER SHOW 5 – MACAU]


Camera Used: Nikon D90 ; AFS 70-300mm F4.5-6 VR lens

23 November 2013 ♥ [SUPER SHOW 5 – MALAYSIA]


Camera Used: Nikon D5000 ; can’t remember what lens i used… either the usual Sigma or Nikon lens..

[TRADUCTION/TRANSLATION] [150522] Ment de Henry au Lotte Family Concert

Henry: je suis Henry. D’où venez vous?
Public: Chine!
Henry: Chine? Quelqu’un de Chine?
Public: Oui!!!!
Henry: Ah… vous êtes beaucoup! Est ce que vous vous amusez en Corée? 230 more words

Henry Lau France