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Aging: The Fulfillment of Life by Henri J.M. Nouwen and Walter J. Gaffney: A Book Review

Recently, my co-teachers and I visited another co-teacher whose father had passed away in a far countryside to show  our sympathy to her families. There I  met   not only her late  father in a box  and her families but also  her grandmother. 573 more words


To Live as the Favorite Child

As I write this my kids have been away at camp for nine days already and I have received all of two letters. Yep – just two. 560 more words


choose joy

This is a real discipline. It requires choosing for the light even when there is much darkness to frighten me, choosing for life even when the forces of death are so visible, and choosing for the truth even when I am surrounded with lies. 202 more words


Thought for june 22nd 2015

Did I offer peace today?
Did I bring a smile to someone’s face?
Did I say words of healing?
Did I let go of my anger and resentment? 51 more words


30-Second Reflection: Joy

The joy that Jesus offers his disciples is his own joy, which flows from his intimate communion with the One who sent him.  It is a joy that does not separate happy days from sad days, successful moments from moments of failure…. 110 more words