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Hemp, Cannabis, and the Natural Medicine Revolution

Hemp has been grown in the United States since the 1600’s – the seeds for hemp came over with the Puritans on the ships that sailed from England.  531 more words

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Facial Oil for Acne Prone Skin (Hemp Oil)

Hello everyone! This post is going out specially for those of you who suffer from acne and breakouts but still want to use an oil on your skin either for cleansing or moisturising . 509 more words


Cannabis Oil VS Hemp Oil

Those new to the world of cannabis medicine often have a lot of questions regarding the differences between cannabis oil and hemp oil.  Hemp oil has far less CBD than cannabis oil, and is also more likely to carry toxins from the plant.

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Know the multiple benefits of using cannabidiol oil

There is no need to introduce cannabidiol oil as it has gained enormous popularity due to its several health as well as medicinal benefits. Most of the people are looking for the news to know what this oil can do for their body and health. 294 more words


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Learn how to get $20 off a starter kit of essential oils!

Everyone knows my husband won a certain beard competition a few years back. He’s picky with his beard care, but who can blame him? 147 more words



WHAT IS CBD HEMP OIL? CBD is oil extracted from Industrial Hemp plants (stalks and seeds). The plants used are specifically and uniquely raised to encompass high concentrations of the naturally occurring Cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD). 347 more words


Legal Pot Part of Illuminati Agenda?

Wake up America, It’s about keeping you asleep but making you think that you are awake. Think about it. If marijuana can actually cure diseases what do you think will happen once the government controls it. 451 more words

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