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Yesterday. Yesterday was. Yesterday still is, for me. I received some potential life changing news. I really have no other way to express how I feel. 371 more words


My bowels are not sexy. 


Inconvenient bullshit– is what I like to call it.

Before I do anything in my day, I first assess my bowels. Yes. My bowels. … 555 more words

Day 60

Day 60 :

Breakfast : Honey puffs

Lunch : Flapjack, ice cream

Dinner : Chicken and wedges

Snack : 2 oranges , blueberry muffin


Ruby Rose Will You Marry Me????

This woman makes me seriously question my sexuality (or lack there of). She is just so dang sexy.I honestly don’t know what else to say. I’m just going to watch more OITNB and die a little inside from how gorgeous one human being can be.

Jersey Day Three

 I know I missed a day but nothing exciting happened…. Now today, let me tell you! So my friends wanted to go to the beach and we did. 182 more words

Pain and Agony and a Dislocated Knee

Hey you guys,
I have not been active in a while. I’m sending my apologies your way for that. However, I was occupied with getting ready to leave for a summer job at a camp. 148 more words

I Think I Should Stick To Blogging...


I am writing this in quite a frustrated mood so if there’s any outbursts during this post I apologise in advance… (I will also explain why I’m slightly annoyed haha). 550 more words