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okay so I got my country placement through, and i’m gunna KENYA, nanyuki to work with agri-culture!

Nanyuke is a market town in Laikipa Country and pretty close to the equator! 187 more words

Addicted to crack




  1. the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity

Not to crack cocaine silly.

Im talking about the game Trivia Crack. 164 more words


"Piece of Shit"

Recently my life has been turned upside down. This past weekend was horrible for me. Remember my ex? Well late Friday morning, we got into it…bad…again. 523 more words


Haircut Help! ♡

Hello Everyone!

Quick little post that i really need your help on!

Over the last couple of weeks have been thinking about my hair and if i should cut it. 241 more words


This is my First Attempt in wordpress

this is the first tym i m using wordpress. please god bless me with knowledge to be a big person,what i actually want to be..i want to be a billionaire. 23 more words


Stay or go?

Perhaps I should go home…

I don’t feel good here anymore. The city seems so strange and insecure to me all of a sudden…

I want antidepressant. 7 more words


What is this unholy thing we call Writers Block? What is this absence in our brains that causes this ultimate frustration and self loathing that has been dubbed WRITERS BLOCK. 955 more words