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Excuses or Experiences

Let me just start this off by saying I am supposed to be at the zoo in 7 hours to volunteer. Yes, I will be struggling in the morning. 309 more words

Please Help Me!

Please help me find a good laptop!

I want a laptop with long-battery life. Light weight. Good display.

I am an engineering student. (Civil Engineering to be exact) 19 more words

Post Two - Handling Anger

When it comes to being jealous, angry, rude, mean, insecure, and completely crazy, I feel like I deserve some kind of medal or trophy. Like I should definitely be recognized as someone who has no control over their emotions. 224 more words

Life sucks balls. Climb a tree and never come down!

“What you feel is wrong. Whatever I feel and think is right!”

That’s how the world works, sometimes. You’re stuck on that side of life where no matter how much logic or data you throw at someone, your voice will go unheard. 376 more words


R.I.P Pink Mean Machine

Hey guys,

Today is an extremely sad day. Today I have lost a good companion, and sewing legend. My trusty little pink mean machine has sewn her final thread. 144 more words

Not In That Way.

I don’t like you. At least not enough for this to go anywhere very important.

One of my best friends asked me, “So why?” and I replied with, “It’s nice to have someone to sleep with” and she remarked, “Like you like J***** to sleep over?”. 364 more words


Coral Restoration

Please see the attached link for info about a travel/dive documentary I want to produce!! Feel free to donate, comment, share and spread the word about coral restoration!!