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Helping One Another

Treating each other with kindness, patience and respect forms a beautiful cycle of love. When we help another person, they may not always have the ability to repay us. 81 more words

when I grow up I wanna be...

So I finally after a couple of years not knowing what I really want to do or be when I grow up, I made the “big” decision on what it is I really want to do. 201 more words


My name is Wanda...

Yes, that’s right. My name is Wanda, I wish I was joking but unfortunately I didn’t get to pick my own name (haha!)

A little back ground story about me (I will try and make it short and sweet. 782 more words



Everywhere I look I see pain. I see news articles full of tragedy and suffering. I see friends and family mourning the passing of a loved one . 399 more words