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Thoughts To Live By...Passages To Prove It

The most destructive habit……………..Worry
The greatest Joy………………………….Giving
The greatest loss…………….Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work…………Helping others
The ugliest personality trait………….Selfishness
The greatest “shot in the arm”……….Encouragement… 13 more words

Spiritual Observations

A friend indeed ...

It is difficult for many to make friends in corporations because they are afraid that what they are doing is politicking and will not be seen positively. 592 more words

Waiting For A Rainbow - Catching Dreams - Monday 25th May 2015

Monday 25th May

All this talk of bad experiences yesterday has made me realise something – that no matter how tough life is, you’ve got those who will make you smile. 265 more words


the right thing to do

I love it when I do the right thing because even when I know the right thing to do, I don’t always do it. Especially if I’m tired. 559 more words


Sunday Sundries ... Insidious

Courtesy: The Dark Blue

It has been an up/down kind of week last week. Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, gave us a week of roller coaster temperatures, from single digit pluses, to ground frost, to windy (I need a jacket) cool, and today we are in double digit pluses. 750 more words


a giant ball of trusting.

I’m going to try and muster some coherent thoughts here but I’m warning you, there will be digression. It’s going be difficult for me, seeing as how I have two children now, (Jasper 5, and June almost 4 months) and the majority of my day is spent trying not to drown in a sea of laundry and attempting to wear matching shoes when I leave the house, if indeed I make it out of the house (today I wore two different shoes, and didn’t notice until I got to the store, so. 423 more words


Being God's Hands

Tonight I was reminded of Matthew 25 : 31 – 46.  It is always a hard set of verses because sometimes I wonder about the person I am helping; will they buy alcohol or drugs with the money I give them or perhaps they are one of those people with a Mercedes parked on the street nearby and they are just doing this for free money.  422 more words