Working For Free

Given my topic this morning, this could be the shortest post ever. With respect to doing work for prospective clients or others without being compensated, it’s a one word proposition: 428 more words

Helpful Hints

A Spring Cleaning for Healthful Eating

Life is busy, and before you know it, priorities—like eating healthfully—go out the window. The key to success is to have a plan and do your best to stick to it. 500 more words


Cogito Ergo Run (I Think; Therefore I Run)

Running. It’s torture yes. But the rewards! I don’t know what smack does for people: by all reports it’s pretty good. Running however is free! AND there’s no track marks, no risk of OD, and no need to go sell your ass on the street for 5 bucks a pop because your life has collapsed into a steaming pile of shit through insurmountable, humiliating and soul-destroying addiction. 338 more words


Some Of My Magical Helpful Hints

I often wonder why there are people that say they do not like Disneyland, now I am not judging but I honestly think that if you do not like Disneyland then you have not experienced it correctly. 651 more words


Letting Go

“Worry pretends to be something necessary but serves no useful purpose.” Eckhart Tolle

Since I started my journey of self discovery and betterment, I have learned that letting go is a big part of helping yourself. 604 more words

Bettering Youself

Danger, Electrical hints and beware's

Ok, so the biggest thing to think about and know before you pack all those electrical items and ship them clear across the world:

England has the wackiest plug-ins and your American or even European appliances won’t plug in!   215 more words

Helpful Hints!

End of Life Wishes

Even if you have done everything to communicate your own end-of-life wishes, you may find need to take the initiative and have the discussion loved ones who have not shared their end-of-life wishes with you. 439 more words

Helpful Hints