Top 5 Creative Writing Tips for the Creatively Challenged

Pursuing a career as a writer and being creatively challenged can prove to be rather difficult at times.  Especially when you toss a ‘short attention span’ and a ‘self made dislike to reading’ in the mix. 980 more words


Basket Organization

Welcome to March!

As spring draws nearer I have found myself on a mission to sort, clear, declutter and organize in all parts of the house. 104 more words


It's About More Than The Home

When looking for a new home so many concentrate on what is inside the 4 walls, or what is within the fence, but looking beyond the walls and fence is also importnat. 26 more words

Nicole Hacault

What I'm Wearing this Month February and Examples with a Sewing machine

Hey everybody! Sure, I have not been writing for a very long while until recently so there will be the odd bombardment from what’s going on in the world of Randomina (all good things – I promise) since starting up a WordPress blog, I haven’t had much opportunity to do actual fashion I must confess. 388 more words


The Real Thing

The topic is syrup this Foodie Friday – maple syrup specifically.  You might know that I’m a fan of the work done by the Cook’s Illustrated… 370 more words

Business Thinking

4 more ways to enjoy Hazelnut Spread

This week we’re excited to introduce KRAFT’s new Crunchy Hazelnut Spread. This new spread is delicious spread over your toast or in a sandwich.

What other uses are there? 174 more words

Helpful Hints