How Many Times Removed?

Visiting with a neighbor yesterday she remarked she had a “third cousin” working on a project for her and as we walked away the question arose among us, ‘what is this third cousin’ business? 50 more words

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Getting Comfortable with Life's End

I was alerted to the documentary Consider the Conversation and that it would be shown on many public broadcasting stations. It was not going to be shown in my area and so I bought one to give to the local… 199 more words

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Cooking On The Road

Foodie Friday, Myrtle Beach edition.  I’m on the annual golf trip with my buddies (our 21st, thank you) and as you might expect I get to do a good chunk of the… 384 more words


National Health Care Decision Day: April 16th

If you are reading this you no longer look like the baby in this picture, life passes quickly, and we are all rushing about putting off health care papers that may be vitally important for our closest friends and family. 441 more words

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4 Ways to Help You Get Started Studying Abroad

Guest Blogger: Alicia Daniels, Program Assistant at the Illinois Study Abroad Office

Here at the Illinois Study Abroad Office we get an array of questions ranging from “what schools are most similar to the University of Illinois” to “what city has the best student life?” However, one of our most frequent inquires is the age old question “how do I even get started trying to study abroad!?” Well you are in luck, from the comfort of your own couch I will tell you four ways that helped me plan my international abroad experience! 440 more words

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Tysen and His Friend..............

My baby has a very special friendship with a plastic pig at school. The pig has a name, although it escapes me at the moment.   I have no idea what the connection is here, but he LOVES that pig.   188 more words

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Signal To Noise

One term you might have seen when you’re looking at stereo systems is Signal To Noise Ratio. It’s exactly what you’d think – the relationship between the desired signal and whatever… 367 more words

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