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I texted her.

I asked her if she was busy

She said,

 ‘not yet, why?’

I waited about three minutes then responded,

‘ok nevermind’

She never texted back. 87 more words


One Simple Tool To Improve Your Story

Relationships are at the heart of fiction and life.  They are what make our own lives have value and make a book worth reading.  Sometimes it can be tempting to remove road blocks such as misunderstandings and failure to see eye to eye on things from between your protagonist and his/her sidekicks, mentors, etc. 352 more words


Boxing: New venture?

I’m not sure why, but I woke up this morning and decided I want to start boxing! I struggle to do any exercise on my own unless I really enjoy it, or have a serious goal. 170 more words



I have a major headache , does anyone know of any remedies or have any advice?

Weight Loss - The Start

Heya Everyone,

I decided to step on the scale today… huge mistake (but not really). It was an incredible eye opener.

I have always carried my weight well. 139 more words


A "Shout out" to Sensory Modulation therapy

I have to give a rave about Sensory Modulation. It is an awesome therapy I use often with my clients – young and old. I even use a lot of the strategies for myself. 437 more words


How do I get you alone?

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog. My life changed in a BIG way, maybe the BIGGEST way, this past Monday. All of the sudden, I became single. 145 more words