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Just the beginning

Hello! I am super excited to start this blog. A little about me I am about to begin my senior year in college! I am both very excited and very scared at the same time to be so close to finally graduating. 594 more words


Song of Her Kiss

A grandma – for alms for love,

Piercing time, she walked in.

Giving cash, I was about

To catch my bus, of future prompt.

Halting time, trading charity… 99 more words


You and me 

You tell me you care about me.

And I believe you.

But it hurts going days at a time and only getting a few texts in. 302 more words


If I hear one more person in this society treat mental illnesses as a joke, I am going to tear the hair straight out of my head. 1,213 more words


As previously mentioned, my read limit for both New York Times and the New Yorker has run out.

I thought I might catalogue all of these links here — so that you can have a read and I can read them next month. 177 more words



Well can’t you see? The words you once delicately ingrained into my heart have been threaded at the tips of my fingers. I can’t help but watch them bleed. 347 more words


My love...

Like do art supplies have to cost my soul? Can’t I just give you an arm or something?….maybe a finger?…..