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Tto neujeun bam geuriun neol chajagago
Amu mal eopsi neol barabomyeo Cry 
Nan neoreul ijeul suga iseulkka
Na maeil bam ajikdo jam mon irugo 212 more words

 If you love something, give it away. Just don’t let it fuck someone.



When it gets dark, everything’s surprisingly clear.

Like your intentions. Mine on the other hand are mostly shy.

As I sit here staring at my coffee, I can’t help but think about us. 81 more words


First words and an Introduction

I’m bad at greetings. I’m bad at meeting new people, however interesting or interested they might be to me. Despite my downfalls at social conventions, or maybe just my lack of confidence, the way I have navigated my burgeoning adult years has been a success, I feel. 134 more words


Welcome to The Orange Umbrella aka T.O.U. This is my first post on my first blog and there will be more to come.

This is a welcome note to all my to- be readers and followers, for whom I have created this blog, so that you an read and enjoy tit- bits of life from here and there. 49 more words

Australian National Construction Review

I recently spent a year working on Waiben (Thursday Island – TI), was an amazing experience! There will possibly be more TI stories, including my fear of flying and how I did in those tiny little planes…. 110 more words

Australian National Construction Review