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Hello, una aplicación que lleva Facebook a las llamadas

Hello es el nombre de una aplicación de Facebook que lleva la red social a las llamadas que recibe el smartphone. Sincroniza la información del usuario con el número de teléfono para mostrar la identidad de quien se comunica. 183 more words



I’m a silent girl from Denmark going to England this September. I’m going to be staying in England for a year and I can’t wait. I will be writing about my journey here and I will probably not update before September at least(because that’s when I’m going) .   38 more words



 I am Breanna, a twenty-something wife, daughter, sister, friend, first grade teacher, culinary genius, book reader, and Friends obsessed blogger. I am brand new to this, but I’ve been looking for a way to share my stellar ideas and thoughts. 18 more words



So life is kind of wonderfully strange right now. I have decided to write a blog during this year to see where it goes. (And this way it gives me yet another facet for procrastination). 219 more words




Welcome to VelvetPrincess!

A little about me, I’m a young teenager currently still in High School living in the outskirts of London. I’d say I’m quite an academic student but also have a love in music, since I was 7 I have been playing the piano and you will usually find me listening to pop music. 123 more words