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Hello, world

Ahh, WordPress.  I have been told this is an amazing skill to acquire. Join me on my quest to learn the ins and outs of this software as I become an another blogger!



I’ve always wanted to write. Ever since I knew it levels my head. Any extreme emotion I feel is reset when i write and I can resume the game I was playing – Life. 125 more words



I’ve had my “blog” since last year when I got super inspire to publicly write my thoughts. I came up a huge list of ideas of what I wanted to share with the world… but then life happened, and I never got around to it. 251 more words


Hello world!

Hello world!  I like that….good morning, hello, rise and shine!  Welcome to the world, the blogosphere, where everybody has a tiny piece of life, reality, shared experience.   84 more words


Something Is Not So Fresh At The Supermarket

I first notice her between the bananas and the piles of crisp Fuji apples. I catch a glimpse of her long, straight auburn hair and wonder if it’s her, but I need three English cucumbers, and I’m distracted by the bright green mint and beautiful flat-leaf parsley. 719 more words

Discovering Me

A Beginning

Hello readers,

Just an introduction to this blog, I decided to start this wonderful page of words so that when I am 65, hopefully plus years old, I can see how I have grown in life. 148 more words