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Finding Joy in the Small Things

I find joy in so many areas of life since loosing my daughter.  I love, love, love, being a grandmother.  My grandchildren bring me so much joy and they give me so much unconditional love.  224 more words

Dust you are: growing small

I run past trees with limbs still winter-bare, each twig curled upward, reaching for heaven.

Some days you can reach and other days your limbs are limp and the longing gone and how then do you find the strength to lift the bare twigs of your soul heavenward? 882 more words

God's Love

This was the "Parents as Coaches" training session held in our Youth Program thi...

This was the “Parents as Coaches” training session held in our Youth Program this past Saturday! For more information on how your child can get started, visit: … 11 more words

Goting Kliff (AT) (2014)

Erst dachte ich, du magst mich nicht
Dann hab ich gemerkt, dass es immer so zwischen uns ist.

Mein Vater steht
In den Trümmern seines Thronsaals… 221 more words


2022 Qatar World Cup To Be Held In Winter

While it is still three years before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, FIFA has already announced the location for the 2022 edition. Officials said that the 22nd edition of the Cup will be played in Qatar during winter and will be shorter than usual. 31 more words

"I've Got This"

Resting has never come easy to me. I am a doer. I try hard to be, but my mind rarely stays still. I awoke early this morning and my mind flitted from thought to thought. 1,198 more words

Lidt HELD og LYKKE, tak!!

Hverdagen er en kabale som skal lægges med stor koncentration for at gå op. Mange mennesker styrter rundt for at huske det hele. Madpakker, børn, møder, handle ind, lave mad, betale regninger, gå på arbejde, OG udleve sine drømme …. 541 more words