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Between the Spheres

This is what it looks like, in the one hand

Between the Spheres

I try to wrap my mind around it.

An attempt to connect the two – a keen accomplishment (perhaps unique to all the world of humans) – of right knowing what left is doing, and vice-versa. 236 more words


What Breaking Bad has taught us?

The award-winning series, Breaking Bad, has taught us a number of life’s truths. Created by Vince Gilligan starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, White’s partner in crime. 544 more words

Breaking Bad

May 20, 2015: Where and How Fast?

“Where are you?” She asks me as she stirs her coffee.
“I’m right here.” My hands spread out, gesturing around the small room.

“How fast are you going?” 237 more words

Strange News

Tread Lightly and Relive These Walter White Moments From 'Breaking Bad'

A groundbreaking series like Breaking Bad becomes great for a few reasons: rich characters, a compelling plot, and perfectly crafted dialogue. Vince Gilligan didn’t just break ground, he created a juggernaut partly because of the quotable lines that sprang from the mouth of Walter White, an anti-hero that fans love (and hate) who transforms from a timid chemistry teacher into a menacing meth dealer known as Heisenberg. 418 more words