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Game of Thrones: Better Late than Never

I do not know what it is, but with shows, movies, and books, I seem to always arrive to the party late. I cannot peg if it is stubbornness or something else that keeps me from trying things as soon as they come out. 466 more words

Game Of Thrones

Inside Kenyon's Bell Tower

Have you ever found yourself wondering who rings the church bells every Friday afternoon? Well, wonder no more! This week I went up in the Church of the Holy Spirit’s bell tower to see how it all works.  372 more words


The Very Best of John Williams ~ Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Reviewed by Helen McWilliams

When you think of a movie theme, which composer springs to mind? For me, it’s always the infamous and incredibly talented John Williams. 325 more words


Christmas Time

I have a large family consisting of over 15 cousins, 1 aunt, 1 sibling, two (ones a step, there’s been a divorce okay) dads, one mom, and family strewn throughout the country and around the world. 339 more words


Hedwig's Theme | Keyboard/Piano Cover

Simplified version.

Song: Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter.