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Cat Scratch Fever

It was two weeks into the water ban. Ken wasn’t concerned about the patrolling police spotting his fresh, green lawn — an oasis among a street of wilting crabgrass in the hot August sun.  2,028 more words

Nerd Metal Fridays: Iron Maiden

OK, OK, hold the outrage!

Yeah, I know. You’re all going, “But Jane, Maiden is too cool to be nerd metal. They’ve been around forever, they’ve influenced practically everybody in rock, and they’re as metal as fuck!” 199 more words

Nerd Metal Fridays

Hardcore Superstar - Hcss (Gain 2015)

Hardcore Superstar has stayed true to their format for ten years now. They keep it up on HCSS, but maybe not to same level as before. 395 more words


Faith No More - Sol Invictus (Review)

My favourite Faith No More albums, Angel Dust and King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetime, took time to grow on me. Big chunks of the albums would go over my head but there were always enough instantly accessible songs to keep me coming back for more. 356 more words