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purpose of christians (or simply humans)

(inspired by the homily given by fr.syril)

okay so let me an incident fr told us so, he went to visit a nursing home and met with the resident who told him about the carers that work there and how they did not care about the elderly, treats them almost like farm animals. 290 more words

Dream Diary - waterfall,twin towers, memorial, heavenly dimensional dream

OK,   so I’m trying to keep last night’s dream in the fore of my memory as I write, it’s a strange one!  And I’ve been up and to the toilet etc. 706 more words



It was 7am in the morning. The soft breeze of the Wales spring air skimmed the curves of my face, a soft smile gracing my own lips. 163 more words


God's Fireworks

God has made everything appropriate to its time,
and has put the timeless into their hearts.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Each year, Independence Day observances conjure up recurring memories which will always be with me… 269 more words


A bloody rogue....

A Bloody rogue

HYPOCRISY – A bloody rogue

Before Sunday, on Saturday evening, they both committed fornication. Both of them being the members of the choir of the church, they were shocked at being denied a ministration stand with the Choir, but the Pastor got them after God revealed their acts to him. 210 more words


Missing someone i never had !

I moved on to limits and afar

Slashing away the fetters of your reminiscences

I have left you behind for good ages now

Yet a sudden streak of your thoughts wounds me harsh… 171 more words


My aunt Mildred loved to restore furniture. And she was very, very good at it. Once, she even restored an old loom and got it working so that she could make various textiles on it. 281 more words