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"Wuthering Heights" : The book or the movie?

By Maasi Maryam

A story of love and revenge,of passion and some haunting characters, Wuthering Heights is as dark and sombre as where it takes place, the Thrushcross Grange. 279 more words

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the curvature of the Earth

when the aliens arrived
they were fascinated by trees
and the pages they made in books

they would turn at a touch but
blow in the wind to… 75 more words

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights
by Emily Brontë
Dover Publications, 1996 (First published in 1847)
ISBN: 978-0486292564
256 p.p.

Watching The Proposal initially struck an interest to reading Emily Brontë’s novel… 640 more words


Heathcliff: Love, Hate and Revenge (an essay on Wuthering Heights)

How to inaugurate the blog? I wondered. One of the circumstances that pushed me to create it was my enthusiasm towards literature. Books were always a passion of mine but, for some reason, after finishing high school I did not read as much as I used to before. 1,974 more words

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Book Review: Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

“It is a poor conclusion, is it not . . . An absurd termination to my violent exertions? I get levers and mattocks to demolish the two houses, and train myself to be capable of working like Hercules, and when everything is ready, and in my power, I find the will to lift a slate off either roof has vanished!

1,173 more words

Wurthering Heights Review: A Hate-Hate Relationship

This year I’ve decided to challenge myself to read a new book every week – and write about it a little bit here. I hope to touch on a variety of books – old and new, long and short, fiction and non-fiction – and maybe discover some new favourites. 779 more words