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You’re like a pebble

I picked up from the sea

Completely smooth

But you still retained your edges

And I treasure you enough

To toss you back into the sea… 77 more words



My heart was heavy
It pulled me to the ground
Stained knees
In the dirt
Muttered words
Broken thoughts
How could I pray?
When a prayer seemed so small… 103 more words

Free Verse

worldly love 

Sadness, it dwells in the hearts that truly love. Love is painful and nothing can change that, unconditional love suffers the most… it loves and loves without any expectations and then it crashes down only after realizing how little the other heart loves back… it is crushed, burned, it revolves in a cup of thorns… but it wouldn’t survive a minute outside. 103 more words


Double Heart Ring

Double heart silver ring with a diamond in each center of the hearts and around the band.


then refuse

Compassion asks us to look into our own hearts, discover what gives us pain, then refuse, under any circumstances whatsoever, to inflict that pain on anybody else.

Karen Armstrong

Sunday Brunch

My daughter received this adorable navy hearts dress from a friend on her birthday. Once I saw it, I knew I’d be able to find an adult dress with hearts on it. 60 more words