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A doctor declared the dire news. “You have rabies.” Immediately the patient whipped out a notepad and began to write.

Thinking the patient was writing out his will, the doctor said,”Calm down! 406 more words


Ella: Of Infinite Possibilities

A poem
by Jacqueline Seewald
Posted May 25, 2015

Wide-eyed in wonder,
Ella beholds the world.

“How old are you?”
her grandfather asks.

She holds up five fingers. 46 more words



This is another initiative I have slacked on. I beg for forgiveness. Kindly read this lovely pieces and give the writers feedback. I personally liked them, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. 618 more words


brain bleep

I would so love to tune out the world right now

Just spend my three-day weekend working on getting the new house livable and getting all of our things out of the apartment. 202 more words


Five facts about Beethoven

On Wednesday 10 June the Sacconi Quartet  perform Beethoven’s string quartet in A minor in a unique performance at Village Underground. As you hear the music, you can also follow the performers’ emotional journey through a robotic connection to their heartbeats. 263 more words


life pt 1

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings and emotions that you just don’t know anymore? Dont know what to do..dont know what even to feel. 108 more words


Heartfelt by Danielle Allen

Review By: Nicole Howard

Roman Harper is back and in love with one of his best friends, Bianca. They both have a passion for art and Roman creatively shows his passion for “B” in each chapter. 207 more words