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#63 Gratitude

More discussion with Mr Gan brightens up my day! Thank you Boss! I was writing notes during the meeting the other day and I am still used to referring Mr Gan as DCL. 98 more words


A Pleasant Day

Was caught in the train fault case along the east-west line. However, still early and in time to meet Dear for Dinner.

This is his. Fuwatoro Tenshinhan at Osaka Ohsho – Raffles City. 272 more words



You feel it when you’re driving by yourself, sound playing in the background, windows rolled up, containing everything. You feel it in this personal world momentarily created with four exit doors, all firmly locked. 283 more words

#62 Gratitude

Today, I was away from work for a day, to attend a mandatory course that we are supposed to complete by this financial year.

Performance Management?! 285 more words


#61 Gratitude

Ever since Mr Gan is back in office, taking up the role as our consultant, I’ve seen him walking in and out of the meeting room but never did I had the chance to talk or work with him. 43 more words



Loneliness will eat away at you until you have no choice but to shut down

first you’re sad, then the anger sets in, then the crazy..then just numb… 54 more words


My Romantic Letter to Omega (Universe) - Page 9



I Remember You

“Good evening, …”

Someone address me by my name, with an oddly familiar tone of voice. It is so amusing, for… 167 more words