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Day 42: Celebrating independence

Saturday, July 4, 2015 11:06 a.m. – Day 42

Well if America is celebrating her independence, why not celebrate mine for a couple minutes? Why not celebrate all the independent people on this glorious day? 371 more words

Crashing on your shore. 

Sometimes you crash and no one can give you the right answers

So you have to find all of your pieces

and recover from the wreckage. 46 more words

day 0

I didn’t choose when or who to fall for.

Yet I did, over and over again for the same body, mind and soul; deeply for that unknowing heart that lay beneath layers of convinced hardness. 220 more words


A realisation of mine, in the peak of disappointment in you.

Because this is what I realised tonight;

That I would rather fall asleep on my own,
Than ache to be laying next to someone who makes me feel lonely when they are laying less than an inch away beside me. 31 more words


Fears of love

She doesn’t know what it is

She thinks of him at times

She wishes to be with someone like him

It is a new feeling, in a new way… 429 more words

Dear you (Part VII) (Fresh, raw, initial thoughts after a break up)

Dear you,

My mind is full, buzzing with thoughts, hence why I picked up this pen and paper and yet now I am too scared to even write what I initially set out to, but why, when I will be the only one to ever lay my eyes upon this page ever again. 471 more words

Bleeding Heart

I feel it shatter

Bit after bit into oblivion

A mist of nothing

A center of infinity

I feel it water

Slowly and deeply

The wounds unsealing… 46 more words