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Open Letter #1

To The Guy Who First Broke My Heart in 7th Grade,

Thank you.

I was foolish, naive, ignorant, and all the other things an innocent girl can deny to be at the ripe age of 11. 492 more words


What's Hard Is Being Honest

What’s hard is being honest
What’s hard is not having the guts to take the drugs I want to soothe my mind
but it’s even harder being honest. 252 more words



High and empty declarations
of preservation of every
memory, candid or otherwise?

All lies dear lover.
All lies.



I feel hurt, and that’s okay.

I feel alone, and that’s okay.

I feel scared, nervous, unsure, and that’s okay.

Although I am always asking others to identify their feelings, it is not always the easiest thing to do. 721 more words



The bell rang a few times,

I couldn’t keep track of how many times.

I fell into place;

one, two, three, step.

Hands fell together like a massive submarine… 203 more words


Broken heart...

After having two little girls only one and three years old at the time, my husband and I tried for a boy…and after only a short time, got pregnant with a boy. 103 more words


Miss The Bus, Miss The Boat

She’s drawn to you for no logical reason

Like writers to daydreaming

Like waves to shores

Like junkies to narcotics

And these metaphors, she presumes… 90 more words