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One Year And Counting

Eighth grade is too full of warm memories for me to write about the entire year without taking up like 46 posts. Even the bad parts were still okay, because I was just happy to be in a normal school. 1,344 more words



I’ve lost you once.

I know I can’t keep you here forever…

Please don’t let me lose you again.


You can change your habits, but not your character.

Just a fool woman who wanna going back together with a man who ever called her with his “rude words” and make her heartbreak.

And just… 162 more words



I was a widow with my heart in the grave…

next to my unborn son.

Cursed to love a man without the capacity, tact or thought to love me back in the way I so desperately needed to be loved back.


Break-Up Diaries: The HeartBreak

Love is the most amazing feeling in the world. It is like a ring of promise customized for you but when it breaks this ring is nothing less than a ring of fire or thorns. 611 more words


You need to get over it.

‘You need to get over it.’ Oh thanks, now I feel so much better and over the fact I am still in love with someone who isn’t in love with me. 100 more words

For now.

Emotions control and dictate.
We bow down and surrender.
We fight and get stricken harder.
But sometimes your emotions get to win.
It’s not tragic. 41 more words