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A Prayer For the Human

Dear god,

Please allow me to be the best human I can be today, and please grant me the knowledge to understand and accept the limitations of my small and unimpressive existence, so that I might use these tiny moments in the best way possible before my share of time is over.

-With Love,




Hello World!

So here I am, feeling like Carrie Bradshaw after Mr Big was a no-show at their wedding (okay! neither do I live in NYC nor was I jilted at the library), but I do feel just like her after her earth-shattering incident: 311 more words


Life’s Too Heavy

All that’s life sails on by
Dreams which sing & flutter.
I’m lost in a world that doesn’t know
The sense of love which sends. 245 more words



The bitter taste of defeat;
Sourness of an orange too sweet,
Kisses of life from poisoned lips,
Sigh. It’s not always like this.

Yet; that’s all I know now… 45 more words



Hate me forever and you will always have my heart, love me once and you will hate me forever I used to love her when she had hate for me, until she started loving me, I felt the guilt build upon me so i pushed her away and made her hate me….. 58 more words


Oh me pathetic soul

I see the utter pity and loathing in your eyes

As you look at me, barely hiding your disgust.

Me trying to hold back the tears of shame. 163 more words

Weight Loss

An Unwanted Email

So after I came back from lunch today, I had an email waiting for me on my work account from the OBF.

This, after my long blog post just last night about how there has been no interactions between us, and how I’m more than okay about it. 145 more words