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A bed of flowers, a field of color, the sound of birds outside, a longing dream. Petal sheets and sandals of thorns, but you must not bleed with each tender step. 79 more words


To the other women...

I’m so sorry that I blamed you for the men that cheated.

I’m sorry that I called out your promiscuity rather than my own fear and insecurity. 359 more words

Perfect Love Story

Ours is a perfect love story.

We met.

We fell in love.

We conquered odds.

Ours was a perfect love story.

Mistakes happened.

Faults occurred. 19 more words

Love And Hate


stirrings at dawn
legacies of dreams yet unwoven,
interrupted by the coming sun
questions of existence
roll in, never ending tides
basked in full moon light… 86 more words



We weren’t supposed to be lonely ever again.

We weren’t supposed to grow old on our own.

We weren’t supposed to cry the nights away. 83 more words


Ocean Waves

My emotion roils like the waves of the ocean, rising and ebbing, lashing out on the shore and foaming at the mouth. There are days when all is calm, when the expanse of the water is blue-green and at those times, I am tempted to believe that I am over you. 454 more words



Nothing he said would ever change her love for him. He was her drug, the only thing that could take her pain away; she was addicted.  56 more words