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Unlyrical Opus

When I look at you at a distanceI remember that love song you used to play

And how it sweetly caresses a taciturn pain in me… 96 more words



Her love for her was as deep as the earths deepest ocean, it goes for eternity like our universes galaxy. Hypnotized by her eyes as if a potion, her kiss made her feel so high almost as if she were on ecstasy. 20 more words


Photo Challenge #68 "Pause" and Wordle #153

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The sting of foreign lips

A blunt tongue

Grinding, inevitable

The addition of you,

A love without course

Without warning.

A broken heart… 71 more words


Break-ups and Heartache..

So right now in my life, I’m battling with these two ‘problems'; a break-up and heartache. I guess I wanted to write about  this because I’m so filled with emotions and the best way for me to express it is for me to write it down. 2,281 more words

Breakup Heartache

Pain and Forgiveness

Several months ago, I discovered evidence of some very hurtful behavior.  I felt completely broken.  In a way that I hope to never experience again and would not wish on anyone.   546 more words


Blinded By Time

Someone very recently said “Your problem is that you feel too much.” Is that not the very definition of an artist…one who feels so much she needs outlets for expression? 297 more words

Donya For PTR

Tears and Heartache

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love getting outside and not having any limitations on what I can do. The last six weeks have been the toughest time of my life. 771 more words