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Palm/Passion Sunday
March 29, 2015
Text: Mark 14.1-15.47

Even if you aren’t a regular at church, you can tell that everything is all mixed up today. 651 more words


Holy Ground

The fastest entry is through the mouth
Tap into my sensibility and I will
Gladly receive

Once you’re in take a turn to the left… 152 more words


How to destroy your heart.

“The heart is forever inexperienced.”
– Henry David Thoreau

I’m no credible expert on matters of the heart. I barely understand my own. I know she is healthy.

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Mental Objects

To the Man who will fall in love with me...

To the man who will fall in love with me…

Well, I don’t know who you are or where you are, but I suppose I may want you to know that I think about love more than anyone really should. 2,859 more words


Time traveler's song

You stitch seconds, memories
and rhyme to make a coat
immune to the chill of time.

Stone skims, chimes as it kisses
the rippling skin. The sea grows… 60 more words


This is IT

At times, the best solutions are the simplest ones.

One might worry too much, but more often than not, things that one worries about never even existed in the first place. 177 more words

Verbal Explosions and Heartbreaks

Okay, so it’s been literally forever since I wrote on here last…. so much has happened. However, the real reason I decided to post today is that I am utterly heartbroken. 344 more words