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Amazing Computer-Generated Animation of the Human Heart in Action:

Here’s an amazing computer-generated video showing what the human heart looks like as it is beating. They made the heart tissue transparent in sections so you can see how blood flows through the various chambers, valves, and vessels of the heart and shows how the various structures actually work in action.


Diagrams Showing Major Structures & Vessels of the Heart:

Here are a few hand-picked diagrams/pictures showing the locations of the major structures and vessels of the heart to help you study for your practicals (Click on images to view larger versions):


But What If I Lost My Lobster?

His name was Sherlock, a ball of scruff and matted fur and the kind of eyes my dad always called “soul eyes” – those dogs that just look at you with their hearts pouring out. 772 more words

The Beauty of the Past

I just spent an amazing weekend helping my Upon the Rock Camp family put on a fundraising banquet. I have been a part of this camp since I was a camper. 237 more words


Jigsaw Puzzle Hearts

When I was little my mom would buy me probably 8 jigsaw puzzles too many because of course she thought I was going to finish them all. 173 more words