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Rhyming Love - To My Scott

If ever you are lost

    and you can’t find your way…

When everything goes wrong

    and you have a bad day…

Just look into my eyes and… 82 more words


Open Letter to My Mother

Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed.

You have not hidden it.

That is your greatest gift to me.

–Alice Walker

Being pregnant for the past six months has undoubtedly caused me to think about a lot of things—mainly my issues with my mother, which I don’t intend to pass on to the newest addition to our family come September. 850 more words

The Unspoken Truth About Being Best Friends Forever

Understand that life is filled with transience. No matter how much you’d want to create and perhaps maintain constants within your life, you can truly only do so much to assure maintaining anything. 913 more words

High School Prom Queen Inspires The World By Passing Her Crown To A Friend With Down Syndrome

It was a prom like no other.

Allison Della Penna, a senior at Batavia High School, was only prom queen for about thirty seconds. The minute her name was announced, she passed the crown to someone else. 230 more words

Love is Kind

Love is Kind. I’ve always been dubbed the nice girl. I don’t say much if it can hurt someone else. I remain silent. That doesn’t mean I’ve always been kind or even am kind. 299 more words

Just a Peek

I offer this peek to you
Let your eyes traverse
my generous curves
Watch my hips sway
and just maybe,
mmmmm, yessss,
my fingers will play… 103 more words

Musings In The Sand

would you help me?

I have this friend of mine who is around 30-34 yrs. old.. she is smart and a total achiever in her career.. she was married when she was 22.. 114 more words