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Rocketship Launches

Rocketship Launches

(for Ben Able)

Heart of a Fighter

For the King,

The Nations

To Proclaim

The Kingdom

And the Day of the Lord

Throughout the Milky Way… 69 more words


Your Sparkle

You have an amazing spark within you …don’t allow anyone to dull that sparkle that shines through every day

Heart Of A Fighter

The Thousand Reasons

For every reason you can find for quitting, there’s an even better one to keep trying

Heart Of A Fighter

The Work I Love

Always strive to do the work you love for it is in this work that you find fulfillment

Heart Of A Fighter

I Am The Architect

You are the architect of your life and as such you have the power to create it as you like

Heart Of A Fighter

Obstacles In Your Life

Obstacles come along not just to challenge us, but to remind us of the strength we hold within

Heart Of A Fighter

The Road You're Walking

Know that if the road you’re on no longer suits you, you can pave another at any time!

Heart Of A Fighter