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A Piece of My Heart

“What we have amongst each other – is so precious and grand, and yet tremendously saddening.” 

– Monica

A Piece of My Heart


            I should have told him to fight, to fight harder to live. 739 more words


Reiki, Reiki . Wherefore art thou Reiki????

Reiki, Reiki . Wherefore art thou Reiki????

Patricia: Well here I am, I am writing my blog today, do you have a message for me and my readers today? 624 more words

The Goddess

Can I say wise?

(The other day a friend of mines asked me if I ever write from the top of my head and never put thought into it. 209 more words



The lifeless breathe I have taken so far,
The painful roar of my heart so far,
The endless search of my eyes so far,
The tireless journey of my anklets so far, 230 more words


The art of 'helping'

Some people teach you to live, some teach you to love, some teach you to be patient, some teach you to forgive. But until lately, I din’t realise that indeed there are some people, who also teach you how to help. 245 more words


F.E Thought

Here is a little thought off my mind, one of many rules I like to go by whenever I write, “To be somewhat of a good writer it takes three types of people for inspiration: A older person I can learn from, a younger person I can teach, lastly a person my own age to understand me and bounce ideas off.”

F. E. Esparza

F. E. Esparza

Lonely Heart ..

तेरा इंतज़ार करते, वक़्त निकल गया कैसे
ना ख़ुद का होश रहा और ना दुनिया का,
तुम्हे फ़ुर्सत नहीं, पर अधूरा हूँ मैं तेरे बिना,