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REPOST: Hearing protected by limiting audio devices to an hour a day

The World Health Organization warns that long-term exposure to loud music can eventually lead to permanent hearing impairment. The agency suggests that when accessing music devices, it is best to keep the volume low and rest the ears at least every after an hour. 376 more words

How Can I Redefine Me?

I stopped looking at myself as “disabled” a long time ago. I am, however, quite comfortable with being a person with disabilities. A friend, fellow-client at… 998 more words

Hearing Loss

Family Life

I’ve never been sad about Fiona’s hearing loss until now. I see how she thrives with her hearing aids. How conscious she is about them and the difference between the two worlds she lives in, hearing and non-hearing. 936 more words


Do Airplanes Trigger My Tinnitus?

I am lucky enough to have mostly mild tinnitus so far. You can read about that here. But sometimes, I have flare-ups, and lately I have been noticing an interesting pattern. 468 more words


One Week After Surgery

So it’s been almost a week since the surgery. I am slowly on the mend. It has been a bit difficult the past couple of days since I finished the pain meds over the weekend yet still had a lot of swelling and pain. 1,573 more words

Cochlear Implant

Sit. Wait. Off You Go. The Training Regime of a Hearing Dog.

Assistance dogs have a reputation for being well-behaved and there’s a reason for this: they have a LOT of training!

At the UK charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People… 525 more words

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