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Noise-induced Hearing Loss

Every day we experience sound in our environment. Normally we hear sounds at safe levels that do not affect our hearing, but sometimes we are exposed to harmful noise.  246 more words


In the news: Insights from the Maker of the Smallest Implantable Hearing Device

Qmed has an in-depth article about the Baha 5 Sound Processor and Smart App where they feature an interview with Mats Dotevall, Director of Design & Development, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions, Sweden. 293 more words

Hearing Loss

Retiring My Service Dog

By request, I am transferring a copy of this to “Hearing Elmo”.

Almost “11-year-old” Chloe

Dear Chloe,

I started asking questions of other veteran teams about a year ago. 1,075 more words

Hearing Loss

The Beautiful Sound of Silence

Sometimes silence doesn’t get its due, especially by people like me who are always struggling to better hear and make sense of the sounds around us. 312 more words


How to Wear Earbuds With Hearing Aids

One of the questions I get asked the most is how I listen to music with my hearing aids.  I used to use a device called a neck loop, which plugged into the headphone jack and then I wore it around my neck.  272 more words

What I Found In My 20-Year-Old Time Capsule

On April 19, 1995, I piled into the back of an old Chevy along with four other small-town newspaper reporters and made the 45-minute drive into Oklahoma City. 340 more words

Hearing Loss

Your guide to choose the best hearing aids in Melbourne

Have you been diagnosed with some or the other level of hearing loss? If your answer is yes, I am sure that one of the things that might have been recommended to you by your ENT or family physician is a hearing aid. 140 more words