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Workplace Safety News Roundup

Keeping track of new OSHA regulations and taking advantage of supplemental safety training and reading materials makes a large difference in the success of the programs you implement in your workplace. 597 more words

Safety & Security Solutions

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

Listen up! Hearing loss is a common condition in people over age 65. Find out what causes it and what steps you can take to prevent it! 805 more words


What are the early signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is often associated with aging. However, the loss of hearing can be experienced at any stage of life. It may begin as early as a baby being in the birth canal. 174 more words

Deciding between the Baha Connect and the Baha Attract System

The fantastic thing about hearing is that it’s one sense that can actually be restored. Not complete, 100% perfect hearing – but almost.

Still, a majority of hearing impaired people… 262 more words

Baha Attract System


This week I had another mapping. Its been a year and a half since my second Medel implant. From the previous tests it seemed the right ear was not performing quite as well as my left. 232 more words

Cochlear Implant

Please Don't Tell Me Never Mind

It happens sometimes. A friend or colleague is telling me a funny story or explaining an event that happened, and at some point I will ask “What did you say?” I got the beginning, but somewhere along the way I missed something and needed clarification of the last point. 393 more words


Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Struggle With Silent Injury

BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Marathon bombing survivors are dealing with a multitude of health problems — many of them obvious, such as lost limbs.

But others are not so obvious. 238 more words