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Trinidad Callaloo Recipe

Callaloo, is a popular and staple dish served throughout the Caribbean, brought to the West Indies by African slaves centuries ago. Its preparation differs from island to island with the main ingredient is always a leafy vegetable. 466 more words


How to Eat Healthy When Going Out to Eat

Are you trying to watch what you eat? Has your friends or family asked you to go out to eat and you just don’t know what to get? 517 more words


Beauty in the beasties: how some of the world's creepiest critters may benefit your health

Despite the fact that a remarkable psalm lets us know we ought to love “all animals awesome and little,” adoring a portion of the littler animals on Earth – especially the dreadful animal kind – can demonstrate a touch of testing. 1,634 more words

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Lentil and Spinach Stew

The weather is finally starting to get warmer here, but today was a little rainy and the breeze has a slight springtime chill to it. Seemed like a good day to make some lentil stew, because why not? 304 more words


Breaking up with Ed (Eating Disorder)

Dear Ed,

Boy, have we come a long way. This maybe hard for you to hear, but to be honest, I am quite fed up with you and all your games. 470 more words

Healthy DIY No-Bake Protein Bars

In light of my New Year’s resolution, spend more time in the kitchen then at whole foods, I came across all these awesome healthy paleo, vegan and raw food bloggers. 1,147 more words


Viva Italiano Restaurant

We believe in light and healthy pizzas with recipes which puts happiness in your tummies and smiles on your faces. Enjoy! Order now (650) 355-9006