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French Toast... The Key To My Heart - A Beginner's Guide to Flexible Dieting

Like I’ve mentioned before, when I first embarked on my path to a fitter, healthier me, I stuck to an old school, cookie-cutter diet. (which the term “cookie-cutter”, in fact, was utterly deceiving since no cookies were consumed during this time). 303 more words


Wine for Weight Loss

Wine for weight loss is definitely something I can get behind.  Despite the many jokes I make about my day being so stressful that I need a bottle of wine for dinner, or share wine/alcohol related meme’s and jokes on Facebook , I really don’t consume a lot of alcohol.  329 more words


Warm Roast Veg.and Quinoa Salad

I’m pretty sure just about everyone goes through the “What shall we have for dinner tonight?”  scenario all too often.

There we are standing in front of an open fridge, looking at what’s inside. 315 more words


One Dish Healthy Dinner for 4 people in 30 minutes

Just getting home after a long day at work and the last thing you wanna do is COOK….BUT YES it’s VERY possible/doable & EASY to cook a healthy dinner for up to 4 people if you have a few standard (staple) ingredients in your kitchen!   194 more words


Under Pressure

Since my last post (on March 29, 2015) lots of things have changed! One constant has been my back pain. While it’s been a bit since I was in so much pain that I couldn’t work, I still am in pain almost daily. 561 more words


Running (late) for Mexican Food

Hello, hello! A bit of a late-night post today (it’s currently 11:56 PM), but I wanted to put something up before I went to bed. Today was my long run! 916 more words

Jump into July

It’s ice cream month! Well, not officially –  I don’t think??! It probably should be though, considering how hot it is outside.

It’s finally summer, in the northern hemisphere, that is, and with temperatures reaching over 35C, why would you want to be in the kitchen, … 99 more words

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