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Dietitian's Mailbag #7: OMG O-mega

OMG?  More like O-M-3!  This week, Ted T. writes:

I understand that omega-3 fatty acids are good for me, but what are they?  What are the best food sources? 593 more words


Strawberry Almond Facial DIY

This next facial is one of my favorite winter scrubs to use when the cold weather has chapped my skin and took some of the shine out of it! 139 more words


16 Signs You Have A "Healthy" Addictive Personality

1. You can be very rigid about your schedule to the point where you will drop everything immediately if you realize you’re about to be late to a workout class. 696 more words

Eat good - feel better!

At the beginning of the year, I made a New Years Resolution to eat healthily and exercise often, and I am now starting my third month of this and it is going amazingly! 700 more words


APPLE CHIPS: The easiest Healthy Snack you're not making!

Can you tell we like apples around here?

Simplist snack ever!


APPLES. That’s it.  just…. apples…  even if you just have one apple, you can make a whole tray of chips!   540 more words


When It Comes to Juicing

I recently saw this lil dilly  “When It Comes to Juicing, This Is What You’ll Want To Avoid” , by Self Magazine, on Twitter and it caught my eye! 73 more words