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Pesto Orzo Salad AKA The Crowd Pleaser

Apparently it’s supposed to be Autumn in NZ? Well, the sun’s out and t’s scorching hot but I ain’t complaining. Especially as I keep getting invited to BBQs! 226 more words

Sugar Free

Quick and Easy Banana 'Ice Cream'

The hardest thing about trying to diet is cutting out sweets. I have a huge sweet tooth and I  have to have a little treat of some sort after a long day. 88 more words


The Next Three Weeks...

I slept in today – therefore I’m up at 1am watching a recording of Secrets and Lies and eating a few several spoonfuls of peanut butter. 367 more words


Fighting Obesity or Defending a Company... or Both?

In recent years, there has been an increase in health consciousness in our world. The companies receiving the most backlash are soda and fast-food companies. In order to combat this backlash, … 261 more words



Lieve allemaal,

Iedereen heeft altijd een héle grote hekel aan de beruchte ‘maandag’. De dag waarop je na twee heerlijke vrije daagjes weer onmundig vroeg je warme bedje uit moet, je weer in de file moet staan of door de regen moet fietsen, je weer de hele dag op je werk of op school moet zitten en de dag waarop écht alles tegen zit. 986 more words


Report Card For Water Intake

Started a healthy “habit” 21 days ago, since 9th March 2015. Like many gurus mentioned, it takes 21 days to form a habit. I started to remind myself to clock 8 glasses of 8oz of water daily. 87 more words


Wisdom tooth diet 

This last week was full of events but overall a good one. My dentist I work for was out of town so work was a breez infact I got a lot organized in the office and did all my ordering for next months supplies. 309 more words