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Ratatouille and garlic bread cobbler*

One-pot meals can save loads of time on cooking and washing up. Make sure to change the garlic bread to wheat and dairy free substitute if necessary. 237 more words


Orzo, Spinach, Lemon and Chicken Soup

This savory soup has been known to chase away the blues, sniffly noses and mulligrubs! It takes less time to prepare than any other soup I make, has a fresh pick-me-up flavor (courtesy of the lemon juice), is healthy (no cream in this baby), and I believe could be made gluten-free just by substituting rice for the orzo. 226 more words

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Key to Eating Healthy: Cook at Home

The verdict is in: people who cook more at home tend to eat healthier, and eat less fast food, according to a Johns Hopkins research study. 133 more words

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Mazzoni Says - Weekly Left Overs Chicken Pesto Salad

This pasta salad was made following a long moment of me starting into the fridge and realizing that we had very little of everything and had to throw together everything we had and essentially zero out the fridge in order to make lunch. 156 more words


Banana and Coconut French Toast

There’s nothing better than sleeping in on a Sunday and then making a yummy breakfast. My breakfasts during the week are always taken on the go, so it’s nice to have a hot, sit-down breakfast once in awhile! 213 more words


Thank COD, it's Delicious!

Without a doubt, I can confidently say that cooking really helps in relieving my stress. It’s even better when the meal I envision turns out absolutely spot on! 807 more words


Weekday Meal: Chilli Bowl with Chunky Sweet Potato and Avocado

This dish is really easy to make, and although it’s not as quick as some of my others it’s worth the extra cooking time to get the beans tender and the potatoes nice and fluffy. 384 more words

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