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Capsule Wardrobes For a Healthier Lifestyle

So, I am sure if you spend any time on the internet you’ve probably heard of a capsule wardrobe. They are becoming all the rage. 602 more words

Healthy Lifestyle

Things Which Stress You Out

You’ve tried all the popular remedies for stress, but you’re still jittery and tense. Perhaps there are some things causing you stress that you didn’t even know about. 537 more words


Under Wraps

Good Morning!

This is Day 12 of the Gluten Free/Dairy Free experience for me!  I am absolutely loving it and the food options are so much more than I anticipated! 186 more words


Eating & Training For Your Body Type

So you’ve probably heard alot about the different body types  and might be confused as to what this all means ( don’t get confused with… 665 more words


Good Finds <3

I haven’t been around in ages… I am still eating healthy I’m just tangling with the world of heroic literature and Beowulf! This week I have been exploring the blogosphere, and the world wide recipe book and these have been my top 3 for you to peruse/try! 273 more words


Week 5 Results and Some Goals

I’m going to start with the results first this week, because I think it’s important to see them before talking about my upcoming goals. Here’s what my strength training looked like this week. 475 more words