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Handy Guide to Sugar in Food and Drinks - Infographic

This has a ton of good information in it regarding the amount of sugar in various foods and drinks we consume. If you take nothing else from it, take the… 34 more words


I love this white stuff!

I swear, its not what you think! lol!  It’s BAKING SODA. So cheap , yet so much awesomeness! I was getting ready to take a bath tonight and realized that I was out of my bath soak so, I got to thinking back to over the summer when we were treating the pH in our saltwater pool, about how we achieved the silky soft water… BAKING SODA! 136 more words


Why Another Healthy Living/ Organic Food SIte..Blah..Blah

The idea for this blog was birthed out of my passion for healthy eating, healthy living, simple life and chickens and stuff. I have spent the past 7 years studying and experimenting. 144 more words


Save On Your Gym Membership

There Are Tricks To Getting A Great Deal!

We’re going to keep talking about keeping as much money in your pocket as we can, but I want to start talking about fitness a bit for a change.    930 more words

My Beardie is making me eat healthier!

I realized this the other day: because Elizabeth Reptile eats fresh endive, fruits, and berries, in addition to crickets, I’ve been picking up small packets of mixed whole fruit pieces and berries every few days. 752 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

February 28

Every fall I bring my Gerber daisies into my kitchen bay area.  The bay faces south and gets a lot of sun.  The daisies love it there and some of them will flower all winter long, with minimal help from me.   43 more words

Healthy Living

February 27

Today we were privileged to have the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra perform a sample of popular opera pieces in the new Churchville Chili Performing Arts Center. The RPO performs free concerts in the community twice a year. 41 more words