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The Art to Being Angry

Sometimes I feel like an electric fireplace. I sit peacefully. And then, without warning, my switch is flicked and I am a raging inferno.

Anger. 875 more words

On Life

Happy Birthday, America!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  We don’t really need an excuse to get together with family and indulge a little, but the truth is…most of us get trapped in the daily grind and before we know it, we haven’t seen some of our loved ones in way too long.   815 more words

Healthy Living

It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle

Today, I’m going to let the quote do most of the talking…  Healthy living isn’t about going on a short-term strict diet and working out 2+ hours every day.  70 more words


Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children by JANE E. BRODY


American youths are plugged in and tuned out of the real world for many more hours of the day than experts consider healthy for normal development. 13 more words

Jeffrey Browen

Extra Moisturising Homemade Bodywash

My husband has very bad eczema and so it took a few trys to get this right so that it didn’t dry out his skin more than the store bought ones, so we just took what worked and left out what didn’t and in the end we have this and its perfect! 231 more words

Healthy Living

Ask Well: Guidelines for When Food Goes Bad by KAREN WEINTRAUB


Food expiration dates come in various forms, and should be viewed more as guidelines than as hard rules, with common sense being the final judge. 13 more words

Jeffrey Browen

“Prayer is the sign of your weakness. Rely on your inner...

“Prayer is the sign of your weakness. Rely on your inner strength. You will be the winner.” – Amit Ray