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Green Smoothie Detox - Day 6

Hello! So, I’ve finished Day 6 of my the detox! I’m so excited to be over half way done! I was out this morning running errands & ended up having to buy a smoothie from Tropical Smootie. 119 more words

Jj Smith

#BEDM Challenge: Healthy Living

Healthy living (which we’ve already spoken about on the blog this week) is something that’s important to me, but it’s also something that can get forgotten about when life gets busy and it’s just easier to grab a quick bite from a fast food restaurant and chill on the sofa in the evening. 981 more words


Living, Working & THRIVING With Vitamin Deficiencies

For anyone that has, or is starting a business from the ground up, can tell you it takes a lot of hard work, determination and stamina to succeed. 498 more words


Mitos Mitos Kesehatan

Lingkungan masyarakat sekitar kita banyak yang mempunyai cara-cara tersendiri untuk menyembuhkan suatu penyakit, tetapi yang paling umum adalah kebiasaan-kebiasaan dibawah ini yang sepertinya telah dipercayai turun temurun. 400 more words

Tips And Trick

Autoimmune Diseases: Lupus Awareness

When we talk of social media as being a very essential tool for communication and disseminating information, some cynics tend to doubt its importance. This article is wholly culled from a discussion on my friend… 1,974 more words

Healthy Living is Not Difficult

Are you living a healthy life?

Most of us would respond by saying – not really – we try to but we are not too sure that we are doing that. 218 more words


One year anniversary

I started a journey a year ago. I was a runner, but didn’t have a lot of strength or energy. I ate healthy, organic, whole foods, but lacked oomph. 274 more words