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How Eating Bread Made Me Crave Chocolate.

I have found that since cutting out bread, my sweet tooth has SERIOUSLY lessened.

Is this because the willpower I exerted over cutting out bread (and other grainy foods) has strengthened my willpower muscle? 991 more words

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Simple Yogic Snack, Tons of Antioxidants

This is a great simple breakfast…good on the go.  Keep a bag in your car.  Or just have as a snack anytime.

Here’s the scoop on each ingredient of this superfood combination.   194 more words


Mindful Eating: Eat To Live

This week I started following Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” program, in order to clean up my diet, shed a few pounds before summer but more importantly; increase my energy as I’ve got a lot on my plate these next few months with setting up my new business, studying for continuing education courses and wanting to feel better all around.   757 more words

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Stay away from the bread: how to eat healthily at restaurants

From ordering before your friends to skipping the olives, we reveal how to enjoy restaurant food without loading up on calories

Top tip: order first, and you’ll be less likely to imitate your friends’ choices Photo: Alamy… 1,114 more words

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Processing Our Own Deaths

It isn’t new, is it? When doctors and nutritionists for decades (if not, in some cases, centuries) have praised whole, healthy foods and damned processed foods, it saddens me that the horrors of your packaged meals is still making news. 614 more words

Tax Processed Food to Subsidise Healthier Options & Tackle Obesity, Says Think Tank

The tendency for common processed foods such as crisps and biscuits to become cheaper over the past 30 years, while fruit and vegetables have become more expensive, is driving the obesity epidemic, a think tank has said. 527 more words

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Food & Mood

They are definitely closely connected. This article is very direct to address the important points of the subject and a great inspiration to improve your diet. 35 more words

Grass-fed Steak