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"Enjoy Your Cardio"- Said No One Ever

Cardio endurance is one of the most important components of fitness. However, sometimes we skip cardio because it’s boring, or we don’t have time for it, and some people skip it because they believe it is more “manly” to hit the weights and never do cardio. 233 more words


Hello world!

I’ve recently decided to take a good look at my life and make some changes. I’m a 40 something mom with 4 kids in college. This fall my huband, Joe, and I found ourselves in an “empty nest” when our twin girls went away to college. 386 more words


Active day!

Spain – I’m so inspired by you! You are truly beautiful, you are calm yet loud, you are colorfull and after so many years you still amaze me! 82 more words

Natarajasana: Lord of the Dance

“Inhaling I draw in all that I need to support my highest intention, exhaling I let go of anything that no longer serves me.”

Happy Spring yoga community!

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Work less, play more

Lucy Purdy writes for Positive News:

‘Time is perhaps the most precious commodity of all. While we can buy more possessions and work new jobs, we can never make more time or recapture what has already been spent. 137 more words


Friday 27th March

2 Slices Toast.

5 Rich Tea Biscuits.

Ham/Cheese/Tomato Toastie.

Creme Egg. Terry’s Chocolate Orange Bar.

2 Slices of Apache Pizza.