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Why I Let Go of The Negative Emotion of Jealousy

In the past, I used to get jealous at various times. I didn’t necessarily show the emotion out in my daily life, or take my anger out in an aggressive manner that was blatantly visible. 427 more words


How You Become Somebody Else

You will miss them in the morning when you wake up wanting nothing but more sleep—there’s nothing sweet about waking up alone, unenthused, bored of what the day has to offer. 585 more words

Think Small, Go Big

We all have goals that we want to accomplish in life. Perhaps you want to lose 50 pounds, write a book, or start a new business. 742 more words

To The Lady Who Asked if I Was Pregnant

Hi. You don’t know me. I know our kids go to the same school and we’ve said hi to each other when we’re waiting for their release. 509 more words


To All the Chipotle Lovers 

If you love chipotle as much as I do (some of you could argue more but that’s not possible) then you’ll be happy to hear this. 182 more words

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23 Times Having A "F*ck It" Attitude Will Actually Make Your Life So Much Better

1. When you’re getting worked up over what you should wear out tonight: Fuck it. Can you remember what every person you were with was wearing at the bar last night? 1,364 more words

Blueberry Tea Shows Promise As Treatment For Diabetes, Researchers Say

By Wendy Lemeric @hyaluronidase on April 13 2015 1:03 PM

An herbal tea, with blueberry as the main ingredient, has caught the attention of researchers for its potential as a treatment for diabetes. 357 more words