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The Modern Day Road Trip

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term road trip as “a long trip in a car, truck, etc.”, but those who have ever embarked on such a journey I think would balk at this simply composed statement. 443 more words

I Feel Invisible

Early this morning, I received an email in my inbox that made me spit out my fresh cup of Friday coffee. That made me put down my raisin bagel with veggie cream cheese. 590 more words

5/22/15 Workout of the Day

As Many Reps As Possible in 7 minutes:

  • Burpees

Followed by:

  • 150 Sit-Ups

Mental Workout of the Day:

Set a timer for 7-12 minutes. Sit in a comfortable position. 76 more words


A Film You Need To See

So you’ve always dreamed of being on the silver screen, right? But not like this. Unfortunately, there’s a really good chance YOU are in this film. 280 more words

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15 Things You Need To Know About Loving Someone With An Addiction

It’s easy to assume that you’re the only one who loves someone struggling with addiction, because we forget that addiction reveals itself in different ways. 836 more words

What All Guys Should Know About Girls On Their Periods

Recently, a male friend approached me and asked me something quite bluntly:

“What’s it like to have a period?”

I threw in the golden one liner: “Bloody hell.” He laughed, but persisted by musing over the fact that we’ve all been taught about female menstrual cycles in Biology class, but other than that, girls are left to get on with it. 654 more words

10 Things You Should Absolutely Never Say To Someone With Anxiety

When people think of anxiety, they tend to associate it with worry and fear. These are normal, everyday human emotions. However, those who suffer from anxiety disorder (or AD) experience feelings of crippling panic and constant distress in a way that a healthy individual can barely perceive. 842 more words