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Late Nights and Your Nonprofit

By Katie Reynolds

A recent post on Beth’s Blog discusses the most important asset you can protect in your work: your sleep.

Throughout college and into life as an adult we cultivate, either consciously or subconsciously, the mentality that “one hour less of sleep equals one more hour of productivity”. 338 more words

How To Be Pretty Without Trying

Before I get in the shower, there’s always that moment of staring at myself naked like I don’t see myself every day. Like there’s something new to be found: better, worse, different, in need of something else, whatever it is. 822 more words

12 Simple Reasons To Read More Books

1. It’s a hobby that actually feels productive. You’re learning new things, your mind is (probably) expanding, and your probably becoming grammar savvy enough to have gotten a minor heart attack from that last  639 more words

Be Wary Of Your Beliefs

The word conviction is seen in our society as a strength. We all have things that we strongly believe in and are completely convinced of. There are multiple religions that are populated with devout followers, all of whom believe the other sects are incorrect in their beliefs. 772 more words

Sweet Snack

Sometimes I get an insatiable craving for sweets, and I must use every last bit of my willpower in order to avoid stuffing my face with delicious yet, sadly, high FODMAP desserts like milk chocolate, white flour-filled pastries and ice cream. 67 more words


The Danger Of Being Bilingual

Language is a funny construct. It is the basis for our communication, separated and splintered over the world. There are roughly 6,500 recognized, spoken languages in the world. 731 more words

The New Measles Controversy

by Sean Callaghan

The Montgazette Staff Writer

Disneyland, a place “Where Dreams Come True,” is about to celebrate its 60th Anniversary. Hardly the place from which one would expect a controversy to enter the national spotlight. 398 more words