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Female embryos more likely to die in pregnancy than males, study claims

Analysis of 140,000 embryos contradicts belief that males are more vulnerable and suggests mortality rate for females is higher overall

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Ever since the rise of Kale to Superstardom status within the world of ‘super-foods‘, everyone wants to take a stab at the ‘next big ruler‘ of the ‘Super-Food Kingdom.   1,610 more words


True Beauty

As I sit here I am listen to my neighbours quarrel over mediocre things. I can tell there is stress & strain in their world and I remember being in their shoes at one stage. 296 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Easter timetable 2015

We are open every day of the year including over Easter as follows:

Friday April 3
7:00 am       Led class                    (2 hours)

Saturday April 4… 37 more words

Ashtanga Yoga Centre Of Melbourne

Let's take care of our hands

Dry, cracked, bleeding hands was something that I used to suffer with, particularly over the winter months.

Over-washing, not drying hands properly, washing with petrochemical-laiden handwash, trying to moisturise with petrochemical-laiden handcream, all contributed to the condition. 533 more words

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Slip up

Hi folks so listen it happened I slipped up on the plan with only a little more than 3 weeks left and I ate like crazy and I’m back at 235.6 lbs meaning I have gained back the weight lost! 76 more words


Hardwire Reset

When we find the courage to try something new people judge. When you take those judgement goggles off you start to see the gifts in others. 397 more words

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