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Come out, come out, wherever you are......

Your fears come to find you. No matter how hard you try to escape them and change things so that you don’t have to face them….they hunt you down. 397 more words

Health & Well-Being

Over the molehill and aiming for the mountain.

It really is the little things, isn’t it.  I have found it so very difficult to let go of my “go big or go home attitude”. 218 more words

Health & Well-Being

Try, and Try Again

Well, isn’t this anti-climactic? I finally crawl out of my hibernation and lay out a plan to do what I can when I can….and guess what? 225 more words

Health & Well-Being

Been away too long....

Huh. I generally complain about people who start something, and then just stop….with no explanation what-so-ever. I could never be one of those people, right? Not… 443 more words

Health & Well-Being

Fitness Classes in the DMV

Like many people, you’re probably anxious to shed the winter weight and get beach ready as summer approaches. Take a break from your normal routine and check out these fitness classes offered in the DMV. 528 more words

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May I take you back 40 odd years , to the days of the Mt Egerton Primary School , a small country primary school my siblings and I attended , in these formative , easy going and not a care in the world days , I long held the dream of owning a car with no roof , I even actually dreamed of this a few times , especially driving myself to primary school :) 604 more words


Productivity: Pens & Employees

Treadmill desks were supposed to be the answer to declining productivity among office-bound employees.

However, research suggests they do not work. A 12-week study by the University of Oregan has found they only offer a negligible boost to well-being. 109 more words

Health & Well-being