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4 Easy ways to reduce stress


Hands up if you feel stressed? Yep, me too? Modern life is fast and furious. We are over-committed, over-scheduled and over-connected. While not all stress is bad, if left unchecked it can have a major impact on our lives, affecting our physical health, personal relationships and our mental wellbeing. 598 more words

Health & Well-being

Cultivating Creativity Through Movement

Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert tells us that the brain evolved not to think or feel, but to control movement.  Why?  Because it is through movement that we explore and interact with our environment and through these relationships learn about ourselves.  583 more words


Discovery Health and Uber Flu Vaccinations

Even though the winter weather here in Johannesburg is lovely (on average 25 degrees celsius) flu season may be upon us, so Discovery Health and Uber have collaborated to bring you flu vaccinations on demand. 128 more words

Health & Well Being

3 things that keep me centred when life gets challenging

Magnificent maple

The past few weeks have been tough for me. Actually, scrap that. The past few MONTHS have been tough. No, scrap that too. The past YEAR has been tough!  519 more words

Health & Well-being


Sometimes we all need a treat! (healthier version of course)

Kiwi fruits
Yeo Valley Organic yoghurt
Co Yo coconut milk yoghurt (from Wholefoods Market) 24 more words

Americans can’t tell what healthy children look like anymore - Salon.com

via Americans can’t tell what healthy children look like anymore – Salon.com.

TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

94.9 percent of parents of overweight children think their child is “just right” — which is actually lovely (

517 more words
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How to adopt an attitude of gratitude (+ free 7 day challenge)

“Mam, what’s does attitude mean?” my 5 year old daughter asked completely out of the blue

“Your attitude is….” I paused trying to use words she would understand and not use the word attitude to explain it!  1,729 more words

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