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What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a general term that covers 200 specific forms of the condition, ranging from osteoarthritis, which is the most prevalent, to rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout and systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE). 761 more words


11 Craptastic Things Only Allergy Sufferers Understand


Allergies suck, big time. While everyone else is outside basking in the spring sunshine, you’re sitting inside sneezing your brains out. And yet, no one else seems to understand the suffering you’re going through, right? 242 more words


Oh Healthy Days

I’m all about taking most things in life in moderation.  That doesn’t mean I suggest making excuses when it comes to your health, but I never could understand people who torture themselves into an extreme lifestyle if it’s not what they want or what they’re ready for.  518 more words


Those Easter Eggs...

Yesterday we talked about Easter chocolate eggs. Today we back to the Easter traditional eggs—real chicken eggs. As you know, the oldest tradition is to use dyed and painted chicken eggs to celebrate Easter or springtime. 551 more words


Hydrate Yourself

Hydrate with water, avoid diet drinks, as they keep you craving more.

Procrastination Could Lead to Heart Disease

By Rachael Schultz

Most procrastinators don’t think much of their dilly-dallying ways, but a new study suggests that the bad habit isn’t so harmless: People who admit to procrastinating throughout their life are more likely to have heart disease, according to… 400 more words