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Bathini & Portia’s South African Engagement Party Held at Church

Bathini Dambuza and Portia Dludlu recently celebrated their engagement in South Africa. I found the story on Zanele Muholi’s blog. The photographer documents the South African LGBT community. 332 more words

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Strikes as #NHS staff try to cope with a system broken by #government (#UK #Politics #austerity)

NHS staff have planned several strikes in the New Year as protests against the government freeze on their pay.

The first strike is planned for 12 hours on 29th January, and again on 25th February and includes nurses and porters. 2,672 more words

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#NHS to be plunged into crisis by Jeremy Hunt (#health #politics #UK #austerity)

In another hypocritical move by the government, Jeremy Hunt will today tell NHS bosses they need to save a further £10 BILLION a year.

The same week as Cameron has found £15 BILLION for road works in marginal constituencies which the Conservatives must hold or gain in the next election, Hunt will say that there needs to be a fundamental rethink of how the NHS spends its £110 BILLION budget. 747 more words

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MPs call Duncan Smith’s Work programme a ‘scandal’ (#ids #welfare #bedroomtax #uk #politics)

The way private companies have been running the Work Programme under contractual conditions imposed by Iain Duncan Smith and his Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has been called a ‘scandal’ by the… 519 more words

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90 year-old #Florida man faces jail for feeding the homeless (#usa #welfare #charity)

The world really is going crazy.

Arnold Abbott, a 90 year-old Florida man, faces jail for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after a change in the law which bans meal-sharing in public. 456 more words

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Cocoa could improve memory of elderly. (#health)

By Kunal Dutta, The Independent

Cocoa can help to slow and even reverse age-related memory loss, according to a study pointing to the previously unknown mental benefits of the chocolate ingredient. 506 more words


Five Surprising Ways Lesbians Can Practice Sublime Tantric Sex

Written By Miss Kitty

What is Tantra?

Tantra is composed of Sanskrit words and has several ways it can be understood. It means “the way” but also “methods” and, in an expanded sense “methods of going beyond.” It can mean “transformation,” “expansion” and “weaving.” Tantra embraces every single aspect of our life experience; it weaves together all its many aspects. 749 more words

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