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Zobni vsadki (implantati) najboljše kakovosti za lep nasmeh

Ali vam manjkajo zobje in vas zanima najboljša ter najugodnejša rešitev za nadomeščanje manjkajočih zob? Ali ste v dvomih glede določenih nepravilnosti vaših zob? S pomočjo sodobnih tehnologij vam ne bo treba večskrivati vašega lepega nasmeha! 426 more words

Beljenje Zob

There's An Effective Vaccine For Lyme Disease - But You Can't Get It, Thanks To Anti-Vaxxers

It’s that time of year again: days are growing longer, trees are blossoming, birds are tweeting, and the ticks are biting. Spring may bring about heightened moods, but in the U.S.

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Marcia Goodman

Over the past five decades, Marcia Louisa Goodman, Ph.D., has devoted herself to what some might consider an odd combination: health care and the theater arts. 137 more words

Health Care

On 'death and dying' and organisational change

‘Buy-in’ is a term commonly used when talking about change in the workplace. We want everyone to buy in to the change.  Often, supervisors and managers appear completely perplexed when people do not simply buy in or change their ways when told to.  1,153 more words

Health Care


If you’re totally disgusted with the state of your health insurance by now, please know there are alternatives. You can bypass obamacare and the outrageous premiums, deductibles, and mandated coverage, and avoid Medicare and the state exchanges, AND be less dependent on government (who doesn’t want that!!) by joining a faith-based health sharing organization. 360 more words

American Values

When Republicans propose over-the-counter birth control, liberals suddenly oppose women's choice

Liberals lose their minds when one business declines to offer just a few forms of birth control. But when Republicans offer to vastly expand every woman’s access to birth control by making it available over-the-counter, they’re suddenly in favor of…

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Jackie S. Barrett, RN

Title:  Registered Nurse (Retired)
Company: Baton Rouge General Mid-City Hospital
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Honored Member

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