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“Follow Me.” —John 21:22

The Holy Spirit comes to confirm us — to make us strong and faithful to the Lord. Before Pentecost, Jesus’ disciples were like chameleons. 251 more words

The Church in its unity speaks in the language of every nation

An exposition of Ecclesiastes
by St Gregory of Agrigentum
[ Died 594]

The disciples spoke in the language of every nation. At Pentecost God chose this means to indicate the presence of the Holy Spirit: whoever had received the Spirit spoke in every kind of tongue. 463 more words

Have I "Moved on with life" from mother's loss?

On mother’s day,I started to think about  a missing piece in my life. My mother died when I was 12. I lived with her between age of 8 to 12 and memories are fading with passage of 27 years. 1,027 more words


Carbon Big Foot Barack hectors Coast Guard Academy grads on Climate Change

Barack O’TomA a known carbon glutton (Air Force One 747, Big Breast Limo and a flotilla of huge SUVs ) gave the Coast Guard Academy Commencement speech where he told a number of Climate Change whoppers including Global Warming as a contributor to the Syrian Civil War. 7 more words

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