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Is Breakfast Important?

There’s many different opinions about the value of breakfast, but for kids everyone seems to agree that kids need to eat breakfast before school. Breakfast for school kids can actually increase their IQ. 569 more words

How to rewire your brain to cultivate self confidence

In a discussion about the science behind self-esteem, presented by Dove on Friday morning at the Women in The World Summit, panelists addressed society’s failure to support self-assuredness in young women and promote body-positive imagery. 244 more words

Health And Fitness

Healthy breakfast ideas when you're pushed for time

For the past year and a half or so; instead of being on a specific diet I have just been trying to make healthier food choices. 279 more words

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Tony Colasante: What my newborn taught me about strength

Even today when I think of the Man of Steel, I think of my son Luca. Perhaps it’s Luca’s quiet strength that inspires the thought, or that they both overcame adversity at a very young age. 898 more words

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The Secret to Reshaping Your Mind and Body. How to change Your Physiology to Achieve a Goal.

In order for Our Mind and Body to change Shape, Losing weight, building Muscle, Becoming Stronger and Faster we must convince the cells of our Body with the necessary actions on a consistent basis. 253 more words


Determined to get fit!!!!

This post is for all the diet and health nuts out there. I am a very lazy person. I’m sure I’m not the world’s laziest person – that would be hyperbolic and smack of hubris. 605 more words

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Art of Living yoga : Padma Sadhna

‘Padma’ means lotus and ‘Sadhana’ is your effort. This practice should therefore be as effortless and light as a lotus. Sadhana is the gentle nudge to get on to the mat and Padma is the unfurling of your potential, layer by layer. 977 more words

Health And Fitness